ZXESS EasyOptical+OTDR Solution

  • ZXESS EasyOptical+OTDR solution is customized for the FTTx broadband service assurance, to meet O&M requirement. The system provides abundant functions, such as fault diagnosis, performance prediction, real-time detecting, alarm processing, network analysis and statistics, etc.

    • Supports intelligent end-to-end diagnosis, including OLT, fiber (trunk fiber, 1st level branch fiber, 2nd level branch fiber) and ONT. It can locate feeder fiber breakpoints with high precision (≤ 3m).
    • Supports performance real-time monitoring. It can generate the predictions for the possible issues, hence helping to implement proactive maintenance of the broadband access network.
    • Supports intelligent alarm handling. It can detect and resolve the critical alarms timely, thus avoiding the broadband service impact and reducing customer’s complaint.
    • Supports diversified statistics reports. It can generate daily reports, weekly reports, monthly reports, and annual reports to allow deep analysis on the network.

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