Combo PON Solution

  • Combo PON is a new way to upgrade to 10G PON. GPON & 10G PON signals are processed in different MAC chips in optical module. The WDM1r is embedded in the optical module.

  • Benefits

    • When upgrading from GPON to 10G PON, just replace GPON card with Combo PON card, no extra OLT rack and external multiplexer jump fiber facilities are needed, and help greatly save equipment footprint.
    • For new-built scenario, Combo PON helps deploy on demand. Operators can deploy GPON ONU with Combo PON card first with low cost, when higher bandwidth is needed, just replace GPON ONU to 10G GPON ONU as requirement, and no need to change OLT.
    • With the same PON port density, much equipment cost is saved than external WDM1r solution.
    • No ODN change and no optical power budget loss.
    • No impact to the legacy GPON ONU and no influence to the end-users.

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