ZTE Policing Cloud Solution

  • Background and Customer Commands
    At present, the public security departments of China at all levels are promoting the construction of policing cloud to build up the new-generation information center, improve the public security informatization infrastructure, and realize integration of all kinds of public security software and hardware resources and sharing of information resources. The solution is a powerful support for public security big data applications, new policing abilities, and modern policing operation mechanisms.
    Solution Introduction
    ZTE Policing Cloud solution provides the customized cloud infrastructure resources and technical services for the information-based applications of the entire policy forces, establishes the cloud computing application environment on demand of public security businesses, and provides a strong assurance for information sharing across regions, across departments, and across police types, as well as big data applications. The policing cloud solution is aimed to serve the entire police system, serve the actual practices, and serve people’s livelihood. It builds up an information technology-based resource service platform for public security organizations at all levels and realizes one center, two systems, and three services. Specifically, one center: policing cloud computing center (IaaS), two systems: policing cloud management system and policing cloud assurance system, and three services: policing cloud data service (DaaS), policing cloud platform service (PaaS), and policing cloud application service (SaaS).
    Application Scenarios
    The ZTE policing cloud solution can effective address the following problems:
    (1)  Resource redundancy. The hardware resources independently purchased for systems constructed separately shall meet peak-time performance requirements. When the load is not full, the hardware and also the software become redundant. The policing cloud platform can achieve unified planning, proper coordination, and dynamic and flexible resource allocation of global software and hardware resources to increase resource utilization. All systems can run stably while the equipment cost being reduced. 
    (2)  Data storage: Currently, structure and unstructured data grows explosively. How to address massive data storage and management and realize high utilization of data is a touch problem eagerly to be resolved.
    (3)  Data security: With deployment of use of various business systems, the public security organizations have accumulated huge data resources. The data sharing and exchange mechanism can be used to include all kinds of government affairs related data, social data, and Internet data into the public security resource center to ensure data security and prevent risks such as virus infection and hacker attacks.
    (4)  Top design: The public security departments, due to business diversification, have many systems which have overlapped functions and repeated data collection sources. IN this case, the data barriers between systems are established, more data collect work load is imposed to policemen, and data value cannot be fully explored or used.
    Policing cloud platform for provincial public security departments, policing cloud platform for municipal and prefectural public security bureaus, to meet the public security requirements for integrating all kinds of internal software and hardware resources and information sharing.
    Solution Highlights
    (1)  One-stop delivery: ZTE provides the one-stop solution covering consulting, design, construction, O&M, and business system operation support.
    (2)  One-click scaling: The distributed architecture enables quick deployment and convenient O&M. The platform uses distributed networking architecture, which allows easy and graceful expansion as the system scale increases.
    (3)  Openness and compatibility: The adoption of OpenStack open architecture makes the platform compatible with most kinds of computing virtualization management and bare machine management in the industry, and supports multiple storage devices and multiple network virtualization technologies.
    (4)  High security: ZTE provides a full-process security solution covering physical security, network security, host cloud security, application security, data security, and operation management security to establish a fully-trusted and secure system. ZTE provides a two-site three-center data center solution to establish a safe and stable cloud environment.
    Customer Benefits
    (1)  Intensive resource management: Building a unified software and hardware resource platform to realize resource dispatching across regions, departments, and police types according to resource use peak time and valley time, effectively increasing system resource utilization.
    (2)  Unified O&M management: The unified construction mode enables unified high-quality O&M management and prevents risks caused by differentiated maintenance management skills.
    (3)  Data resource sharing: The policing cloud platform can store and manage data resources of all departments and all police types in a unified manner, which is a basis for cross-department cross-police type data sharing.
    (4)  Operation cost saving: Unified procurement, management, and dynamic allocation of devices can greatly increase system resource utilization, reduce resource waste caused by equipment redundancy, and save the cost on IT infrastructure.
    (5)  System construction standardization: Based on the unified management of software and hardware resources, the construction of all business systems can be scientifically planned to facilitate the coordination across police types and across businesses and establish a new systematic public security system. 

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