ZTE Policing Big Data Solution

  • Background and Customer Demands
    All police teams of different types under the national public security department have constructed independent application systems according to their own requirements. To cope with more serious terrorist threats and more intelligent crimes, the public security department needs effective informatization methods and comprehensive analysis of mass data, which cannot be provided by independent information systems. Therefore, the integrated big data platform is badly needed to integrate internal and external data resources, build up applications based on the big data platform, and realize pre-event analysis and forecast, in-event precise actions, and after-event handling, thus fully improving policing capabilities.

    Solution Introduction
    The ZTE policing big data solution is developed based on ZTE uSmartInsight, which gathers the public security internal data, social data, and Internet data. Through data mining and analysis by the big data platform, the solution can integrate all kinds of information resources to provide policing big data basic services, such as quick query, review, and comparison, for all police teams and provide policing big data mining and analysis service, such as professional data intelligence collection and data investigation, for specific police types. As to massive video data processing, the solution supports storage, identification, analysis, tracking, and judgment of people, vehicles, and things. It provides multiple types of applications such as face recognition and query, vehicle face recognition and query, special things extraction, personnel inspection, control and tracking, and trace analysis.

    Application Scenarios

    The solution can effectively address the following problems:
    (1)  Scattered data storage, lacking effective integration. As many independent business systems are constructed, different kinds of data resources are stored in different business databases. The data sharing is implemented only between two business systems. The policing big data platform can realize unified storage, management, and service of data resources. 
    (2)  Diversified data, lacking standardized processing. The data of the same type might come from multiple sources. Data field setting and data collection are not standard, and data history is unclear, causing difficulties to integrate data resources. It needs to establish a standard data basis and unify the data sharing sources.
    (3)  Lack of application of dramatically-growing data. As a large amount of machine-collected streaming data keeps being created, all kinds of structured and unstructured data increases substantially. The policing big data platform can support the big data storage and rapid processing, reference, mining, and analysis of all kinds of data, providing scientific input for public security decision-making.
    (4)  Lack of data monitoring mechanism. As the data application and production happen at the same time, a data update standard shall be established to realize full-lifecycle data management and ensure data timeliness and accuracy. The policing big data platform can help public security departments establish a complete data management and service mechanism through many effective functions such as data standardization check, system project initiation check, and go-live check.
    Solution Highlights
    1)  Distributed and clustered deployment, flexible scaling, high-efficiency computing, and graceful upgrade. The platform and applications can be expanded as the data capacity increases.
    2)  The open platform architecture supports seamless integration with third-party policing big data applications and provides richer service applications.
    3)  The big data platform integrates the video applications for public security to collect and analyze video data by person and vehicle from massive video resources.
    Customer Benefits

    1)  Effective management and control: Through the policing big data platform, the customer can fully manage and control key persons, institutions, and sites in an omnibearing way to effectively enhance national boundary security.
    2)  Efficient command: Based on the policing big data platform, the customer can implement effective commands, and coordinate intelligence and information resources. With the support of big data analysis, the platform can clearly display the deployment of police forces, target traces, special cases, and event status in a visualized manner, realize integrated command and dispatching, and shorten the response time.
    3)  Scientific forecast: The big data analysis platform can classify, mine, and investigate massive data, so that the public security organizations can make scientific forecast.
    4)  Precise actions: Using the big data technologies, the customer can analyze crime-related information such as features of all kinds of cases, areas where a certain crime frequently happens, suspect actions, dangerous areas, and traces of involved persons. The big data analysis covers DNA, fingerprint, video, and audio and includes data processing, comparison, and analysis to facilitate crackdown on crimes.

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