ZTE uSmartView Cloud Desktop Solution for Oil and Gas Industry

  • Industry Requirements
    ● The industry has a huge number of office desktops of various types and physically deployed in a scattered manner, requiring high work load for maintenance.
    ● The oil and gas enterprises have many functional work units, each having different requirements for office desktops, which makes desktop system maintenance and application software management difficult.
    ● Employees usually work in different sites and all sites have computers, so plenty of hardware resources are idle. 

    ● The terrain file data is stored on background servers, which cannot be copied by employees without permission to ensure information security and prevent sensitive data exposure. 
    ● Different sites of an oil gas enterprise are connected by dedicated line. The servers are centrally deployed in the headquarters data center to centrally manage all office desktops, greatly reducing maintenance work load. 
    ● The dedicated desktops can be connected through different terminals at any time anywhere to eliminate problems caused by geographic distance. 
    ● The hardware server resources can be flexibly dispatched for computing of massive terrain data. 
    ● Users use the smart-shaped cloud terminals to access the desktop, which can save office space, reduce noise in offices, and consume less energy. 
    Application Scenarios
    The cloud desktop scenarios of the oil field include common office desktop, scientific research desktop, and graphic desktop. 
    Common office desktop
    The common office desktop is used in offices of functional work units. Software frequently used includes Word, WPS, internal communication software, and peripherals are mainly common office devices such as printer. 
    Scientific research desktop
    The scientific research desktop is used by research institutions such as oil field exploration and design institutions. In addition to the software of the common office desktop, it needs to access the terrain data files or use xManager or VNC to remotely access geo-processing servers. Therefore, the scientific research desktop needs to support typical development software and tools. 
    Graphic desktop
    The graphic desktop is used by research institutions such as oil field exploration and design institutions. Some employees need to use large-scale geo-processing software such as 3D MAX or GIS. Such desktop also provides large storage space to store huge terrain data files.
    Success Cases
    Changqing Oil Field (PCOC) was founded in April 1970, with its headquarters in Xi’an, Shanxi Province. As the largest oil gas field in China, it has an exploration area of 37 square kilometers. 
    Since 2015, ZTE has maintained a cooperation relationship with Changqing Oil Field No. 7 Oil Production Plant and No. 6 Gas Production Plant to explore the feasibility of applying virtual office desktops to office and business scenarios of the oil and gas enterprise. By June 2017, ZTE has deployed 58 training classroom desktops and 200 office desktops for No. 7 Oil Production Plant and 200 office desktops for No. 6 Gas Production Plant. 

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