ZTE uSmartView Cloud Desktop Education industry Solution

  • Industry Requirement
    The era is accelerating educational revolution of higher vocational schools and colleges, and the college/university educational information is leaning to inter-campus resource integration. Along with the rapid development of campus informatization, the traditional information mode is becoming much more a burden to schools and, colleges, and universities. This burden mainly reveals from the below perspectives: Each department purchases its own servers, software, PCs and terminals, which leads to dispersion of data and equipment. The repeated data storage and tasks have triggered the complains from administrators, students and teachers, so the school cannot form an internal unified platform comprehensively.

    Through the software and hardware all-in-one solution, ZTE can integrate virtualized techniques and computer classrooms to change the traditional computer structure. It can provide multiple interactive teaching ways through iClass to offer good teaching experience. Through the cloud computing structure, it builds up a cloud desktop resource pool for centralized construction and management to plan and apply to achieve centralized management of the cloud classroom. Based on the ZTE uSmartView platform, teachers can give lessons conveniently while the students can study easily with higher efficiency to solve traditional PC O&M difficulties, data security, lower power consumption, and noise. The ZTE uSmartView cloud desktop solution value is described as below:
    ● Self-developed and secure
    ● Long using period with low cost and TCO
    ● Easy installation and O&M
    ● Easy usage and good using experience of iClass
    ● Multiple centralized and distributed construction modes
    Application Scenario

    ● Computer classroom
    One computer classroom is regarded as one unit, and each classroom has 30-60 seats and uses simple teaching software with video playing demand. The user roles can be classified into teachers, students and administrators.
    ● Multimedia classroom
    Each multimedia classroom has one interactive screen or a projector (connecting to PCs), which is used for daily teaching usage. The teachers give lessons and interact with students using the screen touch function.  
    ● Teachers’ office
    A school has different offices for teachers, and each office has several PCs to tens of PCs variously. Some schools equip teachers with laptops. The specific scenarios are described as follows: Teachers use PCs to work in office, and use laptops on trip or at home. Data is synchronized generally through ways such as USB equipment duplication, and online network disks between multiple office devices.  
    ● College training classroom
    College training classroom is self-built according to majors in different academies, such as computing, economic management, English and Maths.
    ● E-library
    E-library is a highly compacted area of college staffs and students, which is highly equipped with PCs. The PCs are frequently used. 
    Deployment Cases

    ZTE has deployed over 1,200 cloud classrooms all over China, with more than 60,000 teaching cloud desktops, including 12 top middle-schools and high schools, 10 key higher educational colleges and universities, such as Yunnan University, Northwest University of China, Huanan Agricultural University, Jinan University, Guangxi Vocational & Technical College, Beijing Automatic Engineering Institute, Guangdong Technology Institute, Guizhou Duyun Education Bureau, Shanxi Wenshui Education Bureau, and Jiangxi Ganzhou Education Bureau.

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