ZTE Distance Interactive Classroom Solution

  • Brief Introduction
    It is applicable to the education departments of these countries. Modern distance education is a basic national policy that is developing vigorously in these countries. Based on the collaborative video conferencing, the solution breaks the limit of geographic regions and teaching resources, realizing distance interactive video teaching and training. It is important and significant to improve education quality and skill levels for these countries or regions with broad land and dense population, where the average education level is low, education resources are unevenly distributed between urban and rural regions.

    In the current world, many countries, such as Britain, U.S., France, and Japan, are taking education as one of their major tasks and a fundamental national policy. E-education, as part of it, is booming quickly, along with the economic and scientific development. Authoritative forecasts say that the education mode and structure will be reshaped, given that e-education related technologies are developing constantly and e-education projects are deployed rapidly.
    E-education is also a strategy in China’s education industry. In 1998, China’s Ministry of Education signed an all-round cooperation agreement with China Telecom concerning the development and promotion of e-education within the country. In July of the same year, the first e-education system was launched in Hunan University, which brought both educational and economical benefits. Now many universities in China are putting e-education systems on their schedules for next-step development.

    The distance interactive classroom system requires classroom construction, platform construction, and portal construction. Interactive classroom is mainly divided into premium interactive classroom (5 cameras), professional interactive classroom (3 cameras), and regular interactive classroom (1 camera), which can be supported by mobile interaction, AR, and holographic lab interaction.
    The premium interactive classroom (5-camera automatic tracing) can collect images of teacher/student close-up, dynamic PPT display, classroom panorama, and remote classroom image, and then encode and at the same time perform encoding, and combined recording so that students in other classrooms or regions can view the course. Using the currently most advanced AR teaching technologies, the solution supports teaching activities between high-quality schools and low-end schools so that students in remote areas can also access excellent teaching resources from high-quality schools, significantly reducing teaching costs and promoting the balanced development.
    Customer Benefits

    The remote interactive classroom system allows schools to organically combine traditional teaching activities with modern informatized teaching methods to improve the overall teaching quality management standards in different regions, assist teachers in promoting professional skills,  and facilitate tasks such as classroom teaching improvement, premium courses production, and teaching researches and studies.
    Standardized solution, integrating the brand new teaching concept and teaching practices with new technologies.
    Efficient and convenient classroom control system, making distance interactive teaching process become more smooth.
    Automatically tracing the classroom with five cameras to easily get all the interactive teaching scenarios of the classroom.
    Supreme video quality with lower bandwidth cost, promoting the communication effect between the teacher and students.

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