ZTE Internet+ Government Service Solution

  • Background and Customer Demands
    The “Internet+ Government Service” is an important policy of the Chinese Government to optimize and further deepen the government service reform. It is the government’s important practice of applying Internet+ to actual governance. 
    Since 2016, Chinese Government issued No. 23, No. 55, and No. 108 documents to accelerate the development of “Internet+ Government Service”. By effectively integrating isolated and scattered government service resources, the policy is aimed to allow government service and social information service to cover all the people, to open all the time, and to handle at one stop. It needs to establish an effortless, fair, highly-efficient government service information system and thoroughly improve the service of governments at all levels. The “one number, one network, and one window” is the core of the policy.  
    One number: Apply for different services with a unified number.
    One window: Receive a citizen’s different applications at one window.
    One network: Handle people’s applications on the same network.

    Solution Introduction

    To actively respond to Chinese Government’s demand for “Internet+ Government Service”, ZTE proposes a solution with the 112+N architecture. The construction framework is shown as follows: 

    112+N is composed of one network, one center, two platform, and N terminals.
    One network: Internet government service portal, which enables multi-channel services including government service portal, mobile app, and self-service machine. 
    One center: government affairs information resource sharing and exchange center. By gathering data from service systems and gradually interconnecting with and coordinating data sharing & exchange systems of all government departments, the center supports a basic information library, government service library, public service library, and e-credential library, so that all the data can be fully and flexibly shared and used, and online paperless office and data-related services can be realized. In addition, data sharing & exchange platforms at different levels are gradually interconnected to realize coordination and sharing of government affairs information resources across departments, levels, and regions. The center can achieve unified management of online and offline data and provide high-quality data support for "one number, one window, and one network" construction.
    Two platforms: government service management platform and application support platform
    Government service management platform: The platform can support government service, public service, and intermediary service. Through cross-department information sharing and service collaboration, it allows whole-process services for enterprises and people after receiving them by one window. 
    Application support application: As the middle layer of the system, it is based on the middleware across the OS platform and database platform, so that the user can deploy service application systems on the application support platform. Such a service deployment model features short construction period, stable system operation, and easy maintenance. 
    N terminals: The service platform supports access from multiple terminals including PC, mobile client, self-service terminal, and phone. 

    Solution Highlights

    ● ZTE’s solution is completely compliant with the “Internet+ Government Service” standards and technical specifications and supports unified construction, unified and separate construction, and separate construction models. 
    ● The platform uses the distributed architecture for quick deployment and easy O&M. 
    ● It can provide blockchain-based data sharing & exchange platform for government affairs information and electronic credentials. 
    ● For the government service information library and government service database, the distributed database GoldenDB can be adopted, which features low cost, decentralized architecture, no single point failure, high security and controllability. 
    ● ZTE provides a complete “one number, one network, and one window” government service solution and monitoring system, supporting online and physical government service hall and providing all kinds of software and hardware infrastructure for government affairs at all levels. 

    Customer Benefits

    The Internet+ government service is a requirement proposed by the Chinese government to improve government’s service efficiency and transparency to provide convenience for the people to interact with the government and further stimulate market vitality and social creativity. 
    ● Facilitate the establishment of service-oriented government and transformation of government functionality.
    ● Promote government affairs information system integration and sharing progress.
    ● Facilitate government affairs information resource directory streamlining and sharing.
    ● Help governments at all levels build up a unified, reliable, elastic, green and energy-saving information resource platform.

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