ZTE Government Big Data Solution

  • Background and Customer Demands 
    In recent years, some developed countries such as USA, Britain, Korea, and Janpan have accelerated the big data layout by constituting the network culture assurance and security protection system for government decision-making, system & institution, and technical innovation. They have paid special attention to the combination of technology development and application, data opening, and network monitoring, and in-depth cooperation between government and business institutions. Under the circumstances, the development of China’s big data industry has been accelerated. In Auguest, 2015, Chinese government issused the Action Guidelines of Promoting the Big Data Development to further promote the information application and monetization of the data and lead to the new upsurge of using big data for better life and production. According to the 13th 5-year plan, China will implement the national big data strategy by taking big data as the basic strategic resource, comprehensively promote big data development, accelerate sharing, opening, development, and application of data resources, and facilitate industry transformation & upgrade, and social governance innovation. In July, 2016, China issued the National Informatizatiion Development Strategic Outlines, demanding that informatization should run through China’s modernization process all the time to release the huge potential of informatization development, drive the modernization through informatization, and speed up the construction of a cyber power. It can be expected that the information resources will be more efficiently developed and utilized through making innovation and development of big data technologies, perfecting laws and regulations, and reinforcing the data management, so that the digital dividend can facilitate the state construction of people’s life and production in a larger scope.   
    Solution Introduction

    The ZTE Government Big Data overall architecture abids by the standards made by MIIT in the Smart Government Public Platform Overall Architecture, which is developed based on ZTE uSmartInsight(includes the construction contents of the data source center, big data processing platform, data management service platform), and also developed big data application, standards and specifications system, security guarantee system, and operation & management service system.  

    (1) Data Resource Center 
    The data resource center is constructed based on the streamlining of government information resources to establish a channel for collecting the government data, enterprise data, and Internet data, and integrating the data resources. The basic information library and topic databases are constructed to reinforce data integration, unify data standards, and finally provide the smart information-based services for the government departments to develop information sharing and service collaboration.  
    (2) Big Data Processing Platform
    The big data processing plaltform fully uses advanced technical methods such as big data storage, governance, modeling, and visualization, and provides big data services such as data extraction, storage, computing, query & analysis, and interface display to give strong support for government big data applications. 
    (3) Data Management Service Platform
    The data management service platform provides the tool set to enable intensive utilization and integrated display of data, including data governance and monitoring system, big data opening system, data service management system, and big data display portal.  
    (4) Big Data Applications and Visualized Display 
    By relying on the big data processing platform and deploying the decision-making big data assistance system for trial, the big data applications are gradually constructed. The system supports interconnecting with multiple visualized tools and provides multiple visualized customization and display models. Through the in-depth application of big data, the solution comprehensively supports the scientific macro-control, precise governance, and convenient business service.  
    (5) Standards and Specifications System
    The standards and specifications system is constructed based on the related national standards to establish a normative and perfect government big data center standards and specifications and management system for meeting the demands of projects.  
    (6) Security Guarantee System
    Guided by national e-government security standards, the solution reinforces data security and application platform security to constitute an omni-directional information security system and completely meet the national classified security class protection certificate.  
    (7) O&M Management Service System 
    The O&M management service system, which shares the data for mutual benefits, is established to perfect the data operation mechanism, reinforce the management responsibility, and ensure the continuous and stable operation of the government big data center by using advanced technologies.

    Application Scenarios 
    The ZTE Government Big Data Solution, which is applicable to various application scenarios, includes integration of various government information resources and Internet-related data resources, esablishment of a government data resource center with powerful functions, construction of a high performance government big data processing platform, and construction of example big data application projects, all aiming to provide the government and society with excellent information consulting services, information services with benefit for people, and government big data application support services.  

    Solution Highlights
    Powerful data analysis & mining system: Through the “big data platform benchmark test” of the data center alliance, the solution performs excellently in performance, fault tolerance, and security. The data storage management system is mature in commercial applications in telecom, financing, and government industries.  
    Rich big data integrated delivery experience: The solution provides the end-to-end integrated delivery and service capability. ZTE has experience of over 100 big data projects. It in depth participates in the construction of Smart Shenyang, a national example “7+1” big data project. The Hunan Government Big Data Center becomes the benchmark for provincial smart government projects in China. 

    Customer Benefits 
    The ZTE Government Big Data Solution can efficiently analyze and use the data in multiple dimensions and provide the government with a customized operation decision-making support system to offer valid input for decision-making and valid support for smart city, public security, and e-government systems.   

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