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    • SDN/NFV ElasticNet White Paper
    • The strategies of Industry 4.0 and Internet+ are driving the massive upgrading of traditional industries, assisted by innovative internet technologies, to become more intelligent and scale customized. This kind of upgrading requires massive data to be collected and centralized to the cloud, and bring the whole society to the ”era of cloud”. In the era of cloud, it is necessary for the network resources to be allocated dynamically thus dramatically increasing the resource efficiency. The traditional telecom network is required to deal with more complicated and differentiated scenarios, to break through the vertically-divided rigid system and the ever-locked network elements.
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    • Cloud Infrastructure
    • 1.1Solution introduction
      As a cloud infrastructure solution of CT/IT integration, ZTE cloud platform can build a cloud data center rapidly for customers with the technologies of virtualization, container, SDN, distributed storage technologies and automatic deployment tools, achieving global resource scheduling, elastic capacity scalability , flexible network control and carrier-grade quality. By providing bottom support for all kinds of application scenarios, ZTE cloud platform solution can meet the CT/IT users’ needs of real-time, on-demand and automation.
      After conducting 360°inspection on the security threat of cloud system, ZTE defines an unified security framework and introduces a series of security mechanism covering physical security, infrastructure security, application security, management security and common security.
      ZTE cloud platform provides global unified maintenance and service oriented intelligent operation, making customer's resource management more efficient, more convenient to maintain and their networks more flexible, to help customer easily manage the coming more complicated network architecture and get the leading position in the fierce competition.

      ZTE cloud platform solution has following highlighted features:
      ●Open and Compatible: based on open architecture of OpenStack; widely compatible with 3rd party vendors’ hardware and software and win-win cooperation to build sustainable industry ecosystem.
      ●Carrier-grade Quality: system reliability > 99.999%; industry-leading performance.
      ●Efficient Management: unified management of the entire network resources (Cross-DC, heterogeneous resource pools, hybrid cloud).
      ●Intelligent O&M: unified visual management of overall resources, automatic deployment, intelligent health monitoring and proactive optimization
      ●Cloud and network coordination: leading SDN architecture, IP + Optical, on-demand network


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    • Cloud Application
    • ZTE cloud core network realizes the hardware-software decoupling by the virtualization of various functions of the core network elements. Specifically speaking, software modules are no longer associated with dedicated hardware, but loaded and run on the virtual machines/containers.
      After the virtualization of core network functions, the network element capacity and the network type can be deployed flexibly and adjusted dynamically according to diversified needs, so as to improve the network flexibility and agility. In order to further improve the performance of virtual network’s media interface, the media interface forwarding function has been departed, and SDN switches are used to realize the high-effective forwarding of the media stream and the nearest distributed deployment of the forwarding function.
      ZTE cloud core network can be deployed quickly. It provides scalable and elastic environment, enhancing the security and the regulatory compliance. Also, it realizes fast service innovation by the on-demand open service architecture, shortening the new business deployment cycle significantly and saving the operator's costs.
      ZTE cloud core network already supports the virtualization of all the core network elements. In the year of 2016, all the network elements of ZTE cloud core network have been commercially used in Belarus in a large scale, including vEPC/vUDC/vCS/vIMS. This is the first full-NE commercial virtualized core network in the industry.

      Download:ZTE vCN Cloud Core Network White paper.pdf

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    • Cloud Management
    • As one of the leading telecom solution providers in the world, ZTE attaches high importance to telecom operation transformation amid ICT convergence and virtualization, and actively participates in the development of standards and specifications and the research on open source technologies. 
      ZTE cloud management products adopt a customer-centric business mode and introduce the DevOps agility process to accelerate new services innovation, the products optimize the operation process and make decisions based on the big data analysis and prediction capability.
      ZTE provides carriers with high-quality solutions in the aspects of fulfillments, assurance, and service capabilities, and help carriers to complete the transformation. This solution also includes the building agile operation process and digital services platforms, which bring the extreme experience of digital services to customers.
      ZTE is dedicated to help carriers improve O&M efficiency, lower OPEX, reduce time to market of services, and accelerate services innovation. Based on its profound understanding and years of experience in the telecom industry, ZTE expert groups provide carriers with comprehensive solutions, technical support, and services of consultation, integration and intelligent O&M, etc. and work together with carriers to meet the challenge and make successful transformation.

      Download:ZTE Accelerates Operation Transformation in the Era of SDN&NFV White Paper.pdf

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    • Ecosphere
    • ZTE has mature spare part centers and logistics systems all over the world, using standardized delivery processes and full-process visual quality monitoring and management systems. Through the early preintegration authentication for NFV solutions in NFV open labs, ZTE can satisfy CSPs' new requirements and launch new services for operation at the top speed and seize market opportunities in the first time.

      Download:ZTE NFV System Integration White Paper.pdf


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    • Cloud RAN
    • The 5G presents new challenges on RAN, such as processing performance, coordination capability, and service deployment. The RAN network is then required to keep evolving its architecture for future diverse demands when developing from 4G to 5G; meanwhile, the development of Cloud technology and big data technology, as well as the virtualization technology’s mature application in core network lay the solid foundation for RAN architecture evolvement.

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    • Architecture Evolution
    • ZTE's ElasticNet future network solution, driven by 5G and ultra wide-band technology,  powered by SDN and NFV,  cloud computing, big data and openness concept, implement a hierarchical centralized control, unified management, software-defined and flexible future network.
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