ZTE UniCare

With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, data services gained explosive growth. OTT and terminal manufacturers brought great impact to the traditional telecommunication services. Operators face the pressure for reducing operation and maintenance costs and enhancing innovation. To meet this challenge and create more value, ZTE proposed the UniCare solution.
UniCare stands for comprehensiveness (all-round and entire process), uniqueness (differentiation, duplication-free, and customization), one-stop, unity, and cooperation. It aims to provide a one-stop comprehensive service solution that solves problems in the development of mobile Internet, helping operators to make service transformation.
UniCare is a service product family that has multiple levels. It mainly solves the following two problems that concern carriers most: first, guaranteeing network QoS and reducing operation and maintenance costs; second, managing service QoS, and guaranteeing customer experience. UniCare includes two service products: Network Performance Management (NPM) and Customer Experience Assurance (CEA). The NPM product is responsible for guaranteeing stable network performance, network security, and reducing operation and maintenance costs. Based on solving QoS problems of data services, the CEA can make customer experience visible and manageable through real-time monitoring and analysis, and thus improve customer satisfaction.

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