Big Data (Government & Enterprise)

Development Trend

IT and communication technologies are closely involved in our social life, and huge amounts of data are constantly produced every day to more and more clearly represent every aspect of the society. The success of Google and Wal-Mart in analyzing customer behaviors using huge amounts of data makes us fully realize the great value in the data. Data has become a commercial capital and an important economic investment. Governments and enterprises are researching on how to gain new cognition and methods from huge amounts of data and create new value, which is called big data, one of the hottest IT technologies.

Challenges to Customers

Human society has been fully stepped into the information age. Information is spreading at an unprecedented speed, because therr are countless people sharing their experience, understanding, and feeling all the time. The understanding and cognition of all aspects of society are unceasingly refreshed.  Both governments and enterprises must change themselves to adapt to the society and people.

  • User groups with higher requirement. As information is interacted more and more conveniently and frequently, customers have more choices and requirements. Thus, how to keep customers becomes more difficult. Enterprises must keep in touch with customers as close as possible and have an in-depth study on customer needs to satisfy their changing needs and continuously improve service experience. In this way, enterprises can survive and develop in the rapidly changing information society.
  • Fierce competition. Full information sharing speeds up the imitation and learning of new products and services. The abilities of collecting, managing, and using huge user data and continuously developing potential value of the data are critical for an enterprise to maintain long-term development in the information society.
  • More and more colorful social life. The information society is changing the people’s life style. Some of old products and services are eliminated with the emergence of new social needs. In the situation, enterprises must constantly adjust and optimize their own products and services in compliance with the tendency to adapt to the social changes for survival and development.

ZTE's Solution

In the process of government and enterprise informatization, different service departments use different systems that are provided by multiple software suppliers. These systems are based on different software and hardware platforms and technical standards, which makes inter-department data sharing and message communication become very difficult. In such a complex enterprise application environment, a platform is needed to convert data between different systems in a uniform way and coordinate inter-department data transmission and message communication, and ZTE data sharing exchange platform is such a platform.  

ZTE data sharing exchange platform is a support system and does not directly provide service functions. The platform can be used in various industries through inter-system data sharing and exchange to help enterprises integrate independent applications and form a unified management system. The following figure illustrates the application of the data sharing exchange platform in a government department.


  • Big data to build a powerful data core. ZTE data sharing exchange platform with big data exchange technology can collect and analyze diversified data from different devices, which fully meets the needs of different services and provides the data basis for long-term development of the enterprise management system.
  • Easy extension of the system structure to continuously meet the needs of application. The platform is based on modularized design, and provides relatively independent interfaces between application modules and data management, which easily extends application functions to meet customers’ increasing service needs. 

Customer Benefits

  The important role of big data technology has been widely acknowledged, and governments and enterprises are researching on the application of big data technology in the corresponding fields to break through the status quo and build a basis for sustainable development. Telecommunication operators can use the big data technology to understand customers’ potential demands thoroughly and classify the customers multi-dimensionally. On this basis, specific product design and marketing can be carried out.  

  According to the Sysbase-based report in 2011 provided by the professional consulting company, the maximum efficiency improvement per capita is gained in the retail industry and the telecommunication operators’ sales growth ranks No. 1 in all industries by using the big data technology (see the following figures). 



The applications of big data technology are still in the initial stage in various industries, and are far from mature. The process that the technology becomes mature is a combination of software technologies and enterprise services. In addition to the participation of enterprises and governments, suppliers need to provide powerful software technologies. Based on rich experience in communication and IT technologies, ZTE can provide powerful technical support for various enterprise users.

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