Big Data (Operator)

Development Trend

IT and communication technologies are closely involved in our social life, and huge amounts of data are constantly produced every day to more and more clearly represent every aspect of the society. The success of Google and Wal-Mart in analyzing customer behaviors using huge amounts of data makes us fully realize the great value in the data. Data has become a commercial capital and an important economic investment. Governments and enterprises are researching on how to gain new cognition and methods from huge amounts of data and create new value, which is called big data, one of the hottest IT technologies.

Challenges to Customers

  • The telecommunication industry is involved in fierce homogeneity competition. Operators need to change the previous extensive network operation, and seek for differentiated operation (blue-ocean management) for further development in the competition.  
  • Networks are developed towards pipelining. The operation model that profit growth completely relies on the increase of users and flows has broken down in the new market environment. To promote the profitability, operations need to seek for the demands of information applications from soaring mobile data flows and then enrich their telecommunication products. 
  • The telecommunication industry is developed steadily. The telecommunication industry has bid farewell to the high-speed growth period. In the new market environment, market competition simply relying on low cost is no longer feasible. Therefore, operators must improve internal efficiency and provide diversified, stable, and high-level service experiences for users at a lower cost. This ensures that operators can survive and be sustainably developed in the new market environment.

ZTE's Solution

ZTE user portrait solution based on the big data technology is used to analyze data (for example, user call records and signaling) in telecommunication networks and provide a powerful support for operators to subdivide user groups and seek for new services. The functions are as follows:  

  • Multidimensional user classification: analyze users from the aspects of individual information, service use, active period, and living trace, and label the classified users to help operators fully understand the characteristics of user groups.   
  • Analysis of full-scenario user behaviors: understand users' operational behaviors in various life scenarios to help operators seek for new services. 
  • Analysis of social activities: analyze users’ social networks and social behaviors to provide a new perspective for service innovation and marketing. 
  • Analysis of contents and behaviors: analyze users’ interests to improve the accuracy of service innovation and marketing.

ZTE user portrait solution is illustrated in the following figure.


  • Better analysis accuracy are reached from big data. ZTE user portrait solution can collect and analyze diversified data from different devices. Relying on the big data technology, the variety, timeliness, and quantity of analyzed data reach an unprecedented level, and the analysis result is more accurate than ever before accordingly. 
  • In support of the whole marketing service process. ZTE user portrait solution provides multiple analysis abilities such as user insight, user behavior analysis, social activity analysis, and content analysis. In addition, the solution supports the whole marketing service process from market analysis, customer selection, marketing execution, to marketing evaluation.
  • Easy extension of the system structure to continuously meet the needs of application. The solution is based on modularized design, and provides relatively independent interfaces between application modules and data management, which easily extends application functions to meet customers’ increasing service needs. 

Customer Benefits

The important role of big data technology has been widely acknowledged, and governments and enterprises are researching on the application of big data technology in the corresponding fields to break through the status quo and build a basis for sustainable development. Telecommunication operators can use the big data technology to understand customers’ potential demands thoroughly and classify the customers multi-dimensionally. On this basis, specific product design and marketing can be carried out.

According to the Sysbase-based report in 2011 provided the professional consulting company, the telecommunication industry will be the biggest beneficiary of the big data technology. 

In the telecommunication industry, the big data technology increases the output value per capita by 17%, ranking No.10 in all industries.

The telecommunication operators’ sales growth ranks No. 1 in all industries thanks to the big data technology.

The application of the big data technology in the telecommunication industry is only in the beginning stage and needs a long time to develop. During the period, operators and vendors need to work together. ZTE always adheres to the customer-oriented principle and the open and cooperative attitude. Besides, ZTE has an in-depth understanding of network operation depending on rich experience in the telecommunication industry. Thus, ZTE is competent as a cooperator to help operators with successful transition.

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