OSS Service Tools

With the development of new technologies and market changes, the competitive mode of the telecommunications industry has been changed from network-resource-oriented scale competition to customer-oriented service quality competition. To improve operational efficiency, service quality, and customer satisfaction, ZTE OSS service tools integrate “procedure” and “man” in an operation and maintenance process. The service tools provide integrated management for multi-specialty, multi-vendor, and multi-technology networks.      ZTE OSS service tool family consists of NetNumen™ AOS portal, UniCare™ CEMC, NetNumen™ E-Flow, NetNumen™ U32 PMS, NetNumen™ U32 FMS, and NetNumen™ U36 IT, see Figure 2.    


Figure 2 OSS Service Tool Family

ZTE OSS service tools have been widely developed in tier-1 projects in many countries such as India, Indonesia, Ethiopia, and China. In addition, the service tools have been successfully used in the Indian and Hungarian NOC projects.     

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