Learning Platform & Simulation System

Development Trend

With the constant development of the Internet today, the total amount of knowledge is sharply and explosively increased due to frequent upgrades. According to the UNESCO statistics, the scientific knowledge accumulated by human in recent 30 years has accounted for 90% of the total accumulation of scientific knowledge, while the accumulated scientific knowledge in the past thousands of years accounted for only 10%. Thus, enterprises must create a good-learning and ability continuously improved environment for employees to keep sustainable vitality and creativity in increasingly drastic industrial competition. 

Challenges to Customers

For business people, formal training is more and more unable to meet the needs of learning and development. In the face of increasing operational cost pressures, how to optimize training costs, enhance learning efficiency, and build an intelligent knowledge system is a problem to be solved. 

  • Mismatching between employee ability improvement and company strategies 
  • Employee ability improvement without system planning and focus on personal development
  • Limited investments in employee ability improvement, and low training input-output ratio
  • Single training approaches and forms, and conflict between learning time and work time, resulting in lack of employees’ learning interests 
  • Unsound learning management mechanism, and the all-process management of training to be implemented difficultly
  • Poor knowledge management and immature knowledge management system

ZTE’s Solution

>>Distance Learning Tools

ZTE University provides a multifunctional E-Learning system platform in compliance with the international standards of SCORM, which is one of the leading E-Learning system platforms. The platform realizes a series of functions, including online learning, online examination, interactive community, data share, online FAQ, and teaching management and educational administration. ZTE University develops offline learning tools to completely get rid of network limitation and thoroughly satisfy the global distance-learning needs. The solution fully achieves the learning concept of 3A (Anyone, Anytime, and Anywhere).

>>Simulation Software

ZTE simulation teaching software takes a high-simulation commercial equipment room as the background, and is designed based on after-sales engineers’ routine work. Combined with real site engineering, antenna feeders, transmission clocks, and network management solutions, the software represents the processes of networking, hardware structure, software and hardware installation, and commissioning and debugging of various series of equipment. Users can ultimately achieve dial-up connection and service testing of a terminal by correctly performing network topology design, deployment and installation of equipment in the commercial equipment room, network management software installation, site version update, network management data configuration and import, and troubleshooting. The approach with high reality and integrity helps beginners grasp the installation and commissioning of ZTE equipment quickly in a practical environment.  


  • High-efficiency: implementation of employees' on-the-job training and learning at work to improve the efficiency of enterprise trainingBreakthrough in time and space limitation: implementation of learning concept of 5A. (Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere, Any media, and Anyway)
  • Low cost: flexible learning arrangement to greatly reduce the training cost, only about 20% of the traditional training cost.

Customer Benefits

  • Minimizes enterprise training costs.
  • Improves the efficiency of enterprise training.
  • Enhances enterprise competitiveness.

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