IT O&M Management System

Development Trend

Information technology with rapid development is given more attention than even before in various industries. IT systems have become the powerful support for the development of enterprises, and more and more IT systems and applications are developed and used in industries.

Though enterprises increasingly rely on IT systems and the IT environments of enterprises become more complicated, IT management level is still not improved to affect the development of enterprises.  

Challenges to Customers

Most enterprises still proceed with passive IT management, including:

  • Lack of management concepts and systems: Some enterprises have no knowledge of IT management methodology and experience, and feel very difficult in IT management. 
  • Lack of management technologies and methods: Some support tools are available to most of enterprises, but there are still operations to be managed manually, resulting in low-efficiency and error-prone management.  Besides, these support tools are managed separately, and information share is unavailable on the tools.
  • Lack of management experience and flow: Due to the lack of appropriate tools, proper management systems, and the corresponding flow management systems, the precious management experience of enterprises cannot be maintained and the management system cannot be fixed. Therefore, no standardized operations are provided in the whole IT management process.    

Thus, enterprises urgently need an overall solution including asset management, integrated monitoring, and flow management to improve the IT management level of enterprises and standardize the usage of IT environments. This solution ensures that enterprises are evolved into orderly IT management and gain maximum profits at a cost of IT resources.  

ZTE’s Solution

ZTE NetNumen U36 IT operation and maintenance management system is an integrated management system for enterprise IT service and takes service value management as a core. The system is developed based on ZTE’s rich ICT management practices and focuses on comprehensive IT management of enterprises. In view of IT service management of enterprises, the system design caters to the development of the latest industrial technologies and integrates service management and IT management to provide an overall and integrated management solution for IT management.  The NetNumen U36 IT operation and management system is illustrated as follows:


  • Visualized IT resources to easily view various IT data.
  • Service topology view to illustrate the relationship between service and IT.
  • Seamless integration of IT asset management, IT monitoring management, and operation and maintenance flow management to achieve integrated management and control of the IT system based on virtualization and cloud computing. 
  • Perfect IT network operation and maintenance management system depending on a unified service support platform to provide automated and streamlining service support.

Customer Benefits

  • IT infrastructure management: covers global IT infrastructures and cross-platform management objects of multiple vendors in a heterogeneous environment. 
  • Core service support: provides refined and service-oriented management, and closely associates IT support with services to guarantee the operation of global core services.
  • Centralized platform construction: supports distributed deployment, and provides diversified southbound, northbound, and integrated interfaces to facilitate the IT system extension of enterprises.  
  • Architecture of the operation and maintenance management system: an integrated service-oriented management platform that is managed in a centralized manner and is operated in flow mode from bottom to top. 

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