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Recently, fast development of the communication industry and quick integration of multiple technologies and products bring about continuous expansion of the communication network scale and complexity of network technologies. This brings tremendous risks and challenges to the stable network operation. Meanwhile, along with the flourishing development of the mobile Internet services. The subscribers' expectation to service experience is increasing day after day. The outstanding network performance has an impact on the perception and loyalty of end users. How to ensure high efficient and reliable network operation is a significant challenge faced by carriers.
The customer support service solution of ZTE offers the professional maintenance support and spare parts management services, devoting every effect to build a safe and stable network environment for customers. As the customer can be rest assured about the safety of ZTE-manufactured devices.

The maintenance support  services include technical support, hardware support, software supports, and knowledge sharing, ensuring high network availability and durable and stable system operation.
The spare parts management services of ZTE include spare parts supply, inventory management, and logistics distribution, thus ensuring accurate and fast supply of spare parts. The spare parts services guarantee network stability and security.
The maintenance support service solution of ZTE has provided professional guarantee services to 45 of the Top 50 carriers around the world, and provides the round-the-clock service for the carriers in more than 140 countries. The solution serves nearly one third of the world’s population.
The customer support service of ZTE achieves the following customer values and applications:
 Simplifies the operation and maintenance management, improves operation and maintenance, and reduces OPEX.
 Enhances stability and security of network operation, and improves customer perception.
 Improves network availability, focuses on core services, and increases incomes.

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