Telefonica Colombia Managed Service Project



   High management costs

    Multi-vendor Managed Services for 35+ Providers

   Local legal pressure upon the release of the low-grade labor force.


    Multi-vendor Managed Services

   Cooperation with a third-party consultation agency, and customization of HR transfer solution

Benefits to the Customer:

   Decrease of the risks of the employment of the low-grade labor force

   Management optimization and clarification of working relationships, which improves the working efficiency

   Improvement of the network and 20% decrease of the operation costs

Telefonica telecom is the largest fixed-network operator in Colombia. With 2.6 million users enjoying its fixed networks covering 998 cities across the country (accounting for 98% of the country’s fixed networks), Telefonica takes up 60% of the country’s total traffics. With more than 5, 800 Km of optical cables across the country, Telefonica is capable of undertaking bandwidth and transmission services as well.

From 2011, Telefonica has begun to promote its plan about outsourcing the network Managed Service to a third party among its branches in Latin American countries. This plan focuses on the reduction of the O&M costs, optimization of the internal organizational structure and long-term technical transformation of the networks through replacement of the old equipment with new equipment. In July 2011, ZTE was exclusively awarded the fixed-network management service project (TEF project) by Telefonica telecom. In this project, ZTE undertook the management of the networks covering the entire Colombia and related work concerning fixed networks, wireless services, transmission, power supply,  diesel engine, air conditioners, refueling, and alarm monitoring.

>>Quick and Smooth HR Transferfrom Telefonica to ZTE

As required by Telefonica, its 134 maintenance personnel of the networks shall be transferred to ZTE during the project execution. The 134 employees were in 53 regions across the country, and only 23 of these regions have airports. Furthermore, in one fifth of the regions, there are armed anti-government forces and the social security is poor. Under such circumstances, how to transfer the personnel quickly and smoothly and while ensuring the maintenance is available to all the equipment becomes the focus of the project. Based on the actual situations, ZTE cooperated with the local famous HR consultation company MANPOWER. With MANPOWER’s networks across the country, professional HR team and rich HR management experience, ZTE solved the problem successfully.

In addition, to strengthen the maintenance personnel’s confidence in ZTE, ZTE arranged various services including the enterprise culture lecturing, promotional material and gift giving, welfare treatment, Q&A concerning regulations, travel management and resignation compensation. Through all-around preparation and arrangement, ZTE completed the transfer contracts for 99% of the maintenance personnel within one month, ensured the normal operation of the Telefonica’s networks, and achieved smooth handover of the network maintenance.

>>Platform Supporting Equipment of 35 Manufacturers for Unified Maintenance

The TEF project involves the equipment of 35 manufacturers, and that poses great difficulties to management. ZTE set up a special R&D team comprising 200 members, and cooperated with the industrial leading institutions to work out the system platform SharePoint for unified management of the equipment, including the management of the personnel, documents, business trips, vacation, reimbursement, and fixed assets. It reduced the management costs caused by incompatibility and improved the network O&M efficiency. 

>>Telefonica’s Appreciation Letter to ZTE

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