H3G Austria Managed Service Project



  • Multi-vendor management
  • Complex networking
  • High maintenance costs
  • Rapidly expanded business market
  • Large proportion of maintenance personnel, lack of staff focusing on core business


  • Multi-vendor managed service solution
  • Equipment reuse, resource integration
  • Personnel skill improvement to enhance network maintenance
  • Quantitative data as the basis to make it visible, manageable, and controllable

Customer Benefits:

  • Reduces O&M costs
  • Focuses on core business with the number of users increased significantly
  • Simplifies management and unifies interfaces to improve working efficiency
  • Improves network performance rapidly and ranks Top1 in the test

In March 2010, H3G Austria chose ZTE as its partner to deploy a high-performance, future-proof mobile broadband network. ZTE swaped 4080 base station sites and reconstruct transmission and core networks by the end of 2011. ZTE also provided six years of managed services.

ZTE’s industry-leading SDR base stations were used for HSPA+ services. In February 2011, H3G Austria launched its DC-HSPA+ network with download speeds of up to 42 Mb/s. H3G Austria commercialized its LTE network in November 2011.  The LTE network is built on ZTE’s latest Uni-RAN and Uni-Core solutions, which help H3G Austria make full use of existing equipment and save CAPEX. ZTE’s professional O&M solution ensures efficient engineering and O&M work as well as smooth migration from 2G to 3G and 4G.

>>ZTE managed services, assist H3G in winning consecutive Top1 in the CONNECT network test for two years

At the end of November 2011, Connect magazine organized formal tests on the mobile networks of eleven operators. These operators included Telekom, Vodafone, O2 and E-plus in Germany; Swisscom, Orange and Sunrise in Switzerland; and H3G, AT-Mobile and Orange in Austria. Download speed, upload speed, and user experience were tested. In the download speed test, The average speed of the network was 9 Mb/s, and ranked Top1 with a score of 476 (See Figure 1).  “the network of H3G Austria  was not only the fastest network, but also achieved a score of 476 out of a possible 500 in customer evaluations of overall network performance,” said Connect editor Bernd Theiss. In October 2012, H3G Austria again came out on top in the CONNECT network test. The subscriber base grew by 24%. In the CONNECT network test, H3G’s average upload rate exceeded that of the second-fastest network by 50%, and the average download rate reached 11.7 Mb/s, with the best smart phone user experience, the highest success rate of web browsing, and the fastest response speed of web pages.

Figure 1 H3G Ranked Top in the CONNECT Tests for Two Years

>>Seven key points for network O&M, to ensure network security and efficiency

It was a special whole network O&M project. ZTE would provide the H3G mobile network with full-service, multi-vendor equipment O&M managed services for six year, including corrective maintenance, performance management, change management, spare parts management, configuration management, quality management, and expert technical support. The swapover of H3G’s base station sites involved replacing large amounts of third-party base stations and reusing existing auxiliary devices such as power supplies, towers, air conditioners, shelters, 99 relay nodes, TMA, SDH hubsites, and 3,627 microwave equipment. Maintaining this diverse equipment is a great challenge. To ensure high stability, high security, and high availability for H3G Austria’s mobile network, ZTE outlined seven key points for network O&M:

  • Respect local culture and leverage the advantages of local employees in communicating with clients and managing local contractors. Assign important roles to local employees in project management, and ensure local employees account for 90 percent of a project team.
  • Outsource some O&M work to original H3G maintenance staff. This alleviates the difficulty of maintaining third-party infrastructure before they are swapped over and allows original maintenance personnel to remain employed.
  • Partner with competent contractors who can maintain devices from different manufacturers. They can jointly cope with the risks in maintaining third-party devices and existing network equipment.
  • Adopt the best and most widely accepted O&M practices, such as eTOM and ITIL, to ensure standard and professional O&M.
  • Attach great importance to training ZTE O&M personnel, local contractors and H3G O&M personnel and improve their project execution skills.
  • Make network O&M processes transparent, manageable, and controllable based on quantifiable data.
  • Adopt a customized O&M scheme to implement resource integration and smooth migration from 2G to 3G.

>>Network rate was increased significantly, the number of users increased by 67 percent

Before the swapover of base station sites, only about 80 percent of H3G’s SLA conditions were being met. Since ZTE swapped the network and took over O&M, monthly fulfillment of SLA has been above 99%.  After one year of professional O&M by ZTE, network KPIs have significantly improved. Download speed has increased from 1.8 Mb/s to 42 Mb/s or even 100 Mb/s in some areas.

The subscriber base has increased from 600,000 to 1 million and is expected to reach 6.5 million by the end of 2015. The volume of network traffic has grown from 8G to 13.2G, an increase of 70 percent. The call accessibility rate has reached 98 percent, and the PDP activation rate has reached 99.5 percent. As a result, customer satisfaction has been substantially improved. The cutting-edge mobile broadband network jointly built by H3G Austria and ZTE is now delivering a variety of feature-rich services to subscribers across the whole of Austria.

Figure 2 Rapid Growths in Data Traffic of H3G Mobile Network after Maintenance of ZTE in 2011

From the year of 2010, H3G Austria was reaping profits from the new mobile broadband network. Its success has proved that in the era of mobile broadband, where user experience matters the most, a stable, high-speed mobile network is the key for operators to get a head start on the competition, reduce CAPEX, and improve profit margin.

>>Foreign media and customers’ comments

“H3G Austria was not only the fastest network, it also achieved a score of 476 out of a possible 500 in customer evaluations of overall network performance,” said Connect editor Bernd Theiss.

"We are fully geared to make this project a great success and improve our network quality on a constant basis. We value ZTE as our most competitive network partner here in Austria," said Matthias Baldermann, CTO of H3G Austria.”

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