U-Government Managed Services

Development Trend

Along with the acceleration of technology development and Internet development, a global information society is taking shape. To promote government departments to use automatic network-based systems is becoming a trend. Meanwhile, the administrative concept of government departments is gradually changing with functions shifted from management to management and services. In order to better offer services to the public and efficiently use electronic platforms, government departments need service providers to ensure availability and stability of the business systems.

Challenges to Customers

  • Different management between departments. Each department and application system is established separately, lacking interconnection and information sharing, which leads to information silos and obstacles to departmental collaboration and information sharing.
  • Lack of professional maintenance personnel. Due to the lack of rapid responses and resolution capabilities, the high availability and continuity of business systems cannot be guaranteed.
  • With the transformation of government functions, how to better play a role in macro-management and comprehensive coordination of government departments, and how to more effectively provide services to the public, become the issues that current government departments of all levels generally are concerned and to solve.

ZTE’s Solution

ZTE U-Government managed services provide comprehensive monitoring and management, as well as thorough maintenance and operational support services, to maintain the following objects:

  • Infrastructures, such as government networks and data centers.
  • General office components, such as portals, UC&C, and OA.
  • Application systems of different functional departments, such as e-police and e-tax.
  • Public utilities applications, such as e-education, e-health, i-transportation, and e-ID.

ZTE’s solution contains unified service interfaces: Service Desk, automated monitoring oriented to networks, data centers, applications, and dynamic environments, ITIL and eTOM convergence-based O&M process management, security management services with full dimensions, third-party management services, and spare parts management services.

ZTE U-Government managed services provide customized modes of managed services for different government customers, assist customers in successfully using and maintaining various business systems, help global government customers better undertake responsibilities of management and public services.


  • In accordance with different development stages and levels of requirements of national government departments, and current status of local countries, ZTE provides customized U-Government managed service solutions, to ensure sustainable development.
  • ZTE offers a rational combination and design of service types including Maintenance Support Services, Managed Services, Expert Assistance Services, and proposes suggestions on commercial models in accordance with customers’ requirements to provide them with the best and flexible selection of service combination.
  • Based on the service process architecture of the convergence of ITIL and eTOM, ZTE provides customers with professional and efficient ICT integrated service solutions.

Customer Benefits

  • Assist government departments in achieving efficient performance and information sharing, and enable government departments to respond quickly to the public demand for services.
  • Achieve a unified interface and quick solutions to system problems, to ensure business continuity and enhance public satisfaction with government services.
  • Realize automatic and visual monitoring and management of government-related systems, to understand business operation in real time and propose suggestions for optimization and improvement in light of actual situations.

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