National Broadband Network Managed Services

Development Trend  

Since communication networks play an increasing role in national life and economies, many national governments has recognized the importance of “digit economy” in the future global economic tides. In addition to the global economic crisis in 2007, governments are eager to take advantage of emerging industries to boost demands, eliminate the digital divide, and promote employment and economic recovery. In this situation, national broadband network construction is booming worldwide in recent years, the global. Some countries even promote it to the level of national strategy.

The boom of national broadband network construction not only provides more market opportunities and broad market space for equipment suppliers, but also brings cooperation opportunities for managed service providers since many national governments, particularly those in developing countries, lack the maintenance teams and service capabilities that are essential for network O&M.

Challenges to Customers  

As part of the national broadband strategy, national broadband networks have many advantages, such as high bandwidth, open architecture, universal services, and skill integration. These network features not only offer broadband services to the public, but also bring many challenges to the network O&M: 

  • From the home network to the service platform, a variety of network equipment and business systems require the support of integrated service deployment and troubleshooting capabilities.
  • Generally, network devices and supporting facilities of multiple vendors are involved. How a communication mechanism can be established? How network failures involving multiple vendors can be quickly responded and handled? 
  • In the background of the integration of FMC and ICT, openness and ductility of national broadband networks are guaranteed during the O&M period.
  • How KPIs such as network bandwidth, service quality assurance, and customer perception can be managed?

ZTE’s Solution

To address these challenges, ZTE national broadband network service solution aims to craft managed services solutions that are most appropriate for customers’ O&M scenarios, including NOC operation, field operation, operation support management, and service management. NOC operation and field operation meet daily O&M requirements of broadband networks. Service management provides end to end service management support since broadband networks are open, widely distributed, and manageable. Operation support management provides fundamental support services required for the construction of management services.

Relying on the unified BOSS management platform and professional comprehensive EMS layer tools, these service models aim to provide customers with professional, intelligent, efficient leading, cost-optimized service solutions that are appropriate for all O&M scenarios of national broadband network projects.


  • ZTE national broadband network service solution is developed and innovated in accordance with the thorough investigation into O&M features of national broadband networks based on the conjunction with advantages of management services of the traditional telecommunications field.
  • ZTE national broadband network service solution fully explores O&M features of national broadband network. During the O&M period, besides the daily O&M services for national broadband networks, ZTE also assists customers in business support work such as bandwidth wholesale, interconnection, and infrastructure wholesale to meet the needs of business development.
  • As a partner of our customers, ZTE pays constant attention to transformation of the O&M process to reduce risks such as increasing employment and O&M reform caused by evolution of new networks, enabling customers to focus more on development and promotion of market-oriented business strategies.

Customer Benefits

  • Government customers will focus on practical application and promotion of national broadband networks, instead of committing too much to the establishment of services resources for network O&M.
  • With many years of network construction and O&M experience of national broadband networks, ZTE has accumulated extensive maintenance experience. Through standard service processes and professional O&M tools, ZTE can maximize manpower reuse and optimal costs to reduce O&M OPEX of national broadband networks.
  • During the O&M period, ZTE service team will continue to focus on the frontier development technologies of national broadband networks, and timely provide optimized solutions in conjunction with O&M business requirements and KPIs of the current network, to create a competitive national broadband network together with customers.

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