Public Safety Network Managed Services

Development Trend  

With the quick development of the country and the society, the public safety network that acts as the response mechanism to emergencies including natural disasters, man-made disasters, national emergencies and terrorist, extremist and separatist activities, is becoming increasingly important. The public safety network supports resource sharing and joint action between the governmental functional departments and therefore ensures their coordinated, cooperative and quick response to public emergencies. It largely strengthens the electronic informatization of the management and emergency response capabilities of the government. However, this new network also poses great challenges to the government in terms of management and Operation & Maintenance (O&M). ZTE provides the public safety network management services and other related services to support the government and ensure a normal operation of the network.

Challenges to Customers  

  • Customers are unfamiliar with the new system and equipment, and inexperienced in the network management and maintenance.
  • The system has high requirements for the stability and reliability of the network.
  • The system requires the highest-level information security mechanism.

ZTE’s  Solution

ZTE’s services regarding the management of the public safety network includes: On-site O&M (including preventive maintenance service, correction maintenance service and fueling services), NOC Front Office maintenance (network monitoring and agent call), NOC Back Office maintenance (including fault management, performance management and configuration management), and O&M management and support (including Spare Parts Management, Security Management and 3rd Party Managementies).

To ensure the network quality and improve the maintenance efficiency, the ZTE Managed Services team provides the following functions:

  • Real-time monitoring of the network across the whole network
  • Deployment of actual resources and remote configuration of services and logical resources through resource management tools
  • Real-time location and monitoring of the on-site personnel through GIS

With mature tools and platforms, rich experience and professional skills, ZTE is committed to providing customers with manageable and controllable services.


  • Ensure efficient operation of the devices networks and improve the performance concerning the KPIs of the devices.
  • Support the sharing of ZTE’s global experts resources.
  • Provide professional training to improve the skills of maintenance personnel.
  • Establishe the Disaster Recovery Mechanism to improve the reliability and stability of the network.
  • Assist customers to establish the highest-level information security system.

Customer Benefits

  • Ensure the security, stability and efficiency of the public safety network.
  • Reduce the O&M costs of the network.
  • Continuously improve the network performance.

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