FTTX Managed Services

Development Trend

Along with popularization of fiber optic broadband and development of multiple networks convergence in the fixed network communication market, the market of managed services is gathering momentum rapidly. Especially in the fully open and competitive telecom market, customers propose demands for fixed network managed services more actively in accordance with requirements of development. To reduce OPEX, promote operational efficiency, and improve customers’ experience have become the strategic objectives that each operator focuses on.

Challenges to Customers

Challenges that operators of fixed networks face vary with the different stages of development:

  • In the initial stage of the development of optical fiber and phase-out of copper, traditional operators usually face a large number of O&M problems caused by technical updates and need managed services for relief.
  • When developing to a certain stage, mature operators face the pressure of operational capital and need outsourcing of managed services to reduce O&M costs.
  • Owing to lack of O&M teams and experience, emerging operators also need managed services to ensure the quality of networks and to expand markets faster and better.

ZTE’s Solution

  In order to ensure efficient operation of operators’ FTTx networks, ZTE FTTx network managed services include customized managed services such as NOC 1st level maintenance & service desk, NOC 2nd level maintenance , access site maintenance, cable maintenance, and terminal maintenance. With the unified network management platform and advanced resource scheduling system, ZTE FTTX network managed services provide integrated intelligent O&M for equipment, wiring, and terminals of operators’ FTTx networks. Fast and accurate network fault diagnosis and localization greatly enhance O&M efficiency, effectively help operators improve service quality, and reduce O&M costs.


  • Service modularization, to provide customized solutions flexibly in accordance with customers’ O&M scenarios.
  • Based on best industy practices such as eTOM and ITIL, to continue to sort out and integrate old and new processes and establish a standard O&M process system.
  • End-to-end service provisioning and support capabilities, to achieve zero-touch deployment of network configuration and automatic diagnosis of network failures.
  • Through a professional tool platform, to realize management automation and informatization, to improve the operation and maintenance management level, to improve work efficiency, to reduce maintenance costs for operators and provide better management and operation support.

Customer Benefits

  • Focuses more on business development of FTTx networks, decreases network O&M resource deployment, and reduces O&M risks.
  • Continuous business process optimization and resource reuse, to reduce network O&M OPEX.
  • ZTE will pay close attention to the development of cutting-edge technology of FTTx networks, provide customized optimization solutions in accordance with current network conditions and customer requirements, and work with customers to create competitive FTTx access networks.

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