Multi-Vendor Managed Services

Development Trend

Along with constant development of operators’ networks and business, the network structure becomes more complex with equipment and techniques of multiple vendors involved, which brings great challenges to customers’ managed services tasks. In order to reduce maintenance management pressure and maintenance costs, more and more operators’ requirements of managed services are changed from their own maintenance and the model of factory support to multi-vendor equipment maintenance by one service provider. Multi-vendor managed services are becoming the development trend of the industry.

Challenges to Customers

  • Equipment maintenance of different vendors requires multiple interfaces, leading to complex management.
  • Multiple vendors and device types cause difficulties in promoting skills of maintenance personnel. Especially for the resolution to E2E problems, professional skills of the multi-vendor field are required. 
  • Network management platform and processing tools of equipment vary with manufacturers, requiring the capability of maintaining multi-vendor network management and tool platforms.
  • Due to different technology used in equipment of different manufacturers, it is difficult to achieve synergistic network technology evolution. 

ZTE’s Solution

Mainly based the on SPOC (single point of contract) mode, ZTE is authorized to conduct unified management of all customers’ maintenance contracts. ZTE is responsible for providing equipment maintenance of multiple vendors, and daily interface of all managed service contracts and quality management, offering a unique service interface to customers, and reporting network maintenance to customers regularly through meetings and reports. ZTE’s multi-vendor managed services take full advantage of its extensive management experience, technical capabilities, and platform capabilities to solve customers’ problems in multi-technology and multi-interface, improve maintenance quality and efficiency, so that customers can better focus on their core business.


  • Professional maintenance team: ZTE reserves first-class experts in the multi-vendor resource pool, and establish a strategic partnership with a number of manufacturers with multi-vendor maintenance capabilities.
  • Unified tool platform: Through the tool platform built based on industry standards, ZTE’s tool platform achieves good interface with that of other manufacturers.
  • Extensive implementation experience: With global multi-vendor delivery experience, ZTE has successfully maintained equipment of Ericsson, Nokia Siemens, Huawei, and Alcatel-Lucent. In accordance with network conditions, ZTE can quickly customize solutions to meet project delivery with good capability of risk control to ensure smooth transfer of networks. Global support platform: Through the GNOC platform, ZTE achieves resource sharing and reduces maintenance costs.

Customer Benefits

ZTE's multi-vendor managed services provide an overall solution for maintenance, operation and management of customers’ networks, and offer customized solutions to ensure network security and efficient operation.

  • Simplifies interface of network maintenance, improves operational efficiency, and reduces customer management difficulty.
  • Unifies KPI/SLA requirements to ensure network quality, safety, and reliability.
  • Unifies management and platforms to reduce interfaces, improve maintenance efficiency, and reduce operating costs.
  • Responds to new technologies and new business requirements faster, to provide support for operators’ managed services evolution.

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