Data Center Managed services

Development Trend

Bearing services and data, data centers become essential for the informatization of enterprises, and good Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of data centers is the basis of enterprises’ normal operation. According to the report of Gartner, in 2012 there were more than 3.36 million data centers globally and the number is expected to reach 3.72 million in 2016. Development of cloud computing raises high requirements for the O&M of data centers. As a result, enterprises can hardly perform the O&M of data centers by themselves and corresponding subcontracting becomes the hot issue.


Challenges to Customers

  • Lacking professional O&M team in which case faults of data centers cannot be discovered or solved in time.
  • Lacking a clear management process, in which case nonstandard or careless operation poses great danger to the operational stability of data centers.
  • Lacking professional and efficient tools for the O&M monitoring and management of data centers, which causes inefficient O&M and a high comprehensive cost.
  • The service continuity of data centers can hardly be guaranteed, which impacts the customer satisfaction.

ZTE's Solution

With years’ experience in the O&M and management of data centers, ZTE has a deep understanding of customer requirements and puts forward the data center solution. Proved by multiple success cases, this solution can help users realize the accurate control of management and the continuous improvement of the management level and service quality. The following figure shows the general view of the ZTE data center O&M and management solution: 

The ZTE data center solution focuses on the O&M and management of the infrastructure of machine rooms, IT infrastructure and basic application software. With the system monitoring and O&M management tools, customers can monitor the status of the infrastructure of machine rooms and the IT infrastructure in real time. The monitoring covers the following aspects:

  • Operating status, performance load and alarm state of the system
  • Classification and alarms for the system faults
  • Processing of the alarm information, alarm messages, and users’ fault-complaint calls on the monitoring platform
  • Supervision of the establishment, delivery, transfer and closure of work orders.

In terms of the architecture of the O&M system, ZTE uses its mature global delivery platforms, innovative ideas and advanced standards (such as the ITIL and ISO20000) to achieve the following on the ITSM service platform:

  • Standardizing the management process of IT services
  • Improving the working efficiency and service quality of the management of IT services
  • Reducing the costs of IT services
  • Enhancing the customer satisfaction.

ZTE focuses on the targets above and is committed to bringing customers secure, stable and efficient IT services.


  • Top-Down Comprehensive O&M Service

The ZTE data center solution supports the comprehensive O&M Service covering the infrastructure of machine rooms, IT infrastructure, and application software and related devices. This characteristic minimizes and eases users’ operation, in which case they only need to supervise and control the quality of ZTE’s services.

  • Standard Management Service

With rich experience in the O&M of data centers, ZTE has put forward a perfect set of O&M services for data centers, including a systematic process, standardized management mode, mature O&M solution and O&M service baseline. Generally, the quality of traditional O&M services of data centers is dependent on the comprehensive quality of the O&M engineer and the management capability of the user. In comparison, ZTE’s O&M services have the following advantages: quick pasting and knowledge transfer, unified standards of O&M service capabilities, measurability and predictability.

  • 3D Visual Automatic O&M Tools

The ZTE data center solution integrates the monitoring of the physical environment of data centers and the monitoring of the IT system, and provides a 3D visual O&M operation interface. Through this interface, users can manage the power devices, environment devices, security, IT system, power supply and their assets, as well as manage various devices, acquire different information and coordinate different alarms. This feature largely improves the intelligent O&M level of data centers. 

  • Rich Experience in O&M

With decades’ experience in the O&M of multiple large-scale data centers, ZTE has boasted a mature O&M team comprising a large number of experienced technical backbones, project managers and service implementation supervisors. Through cooperation and coordination, O&M teams solve different problems of the data centers and aggregate resources for emergencies.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduce the occurrence rate of faults, and increase the availability and continuity of the services of data centers
  • Improve the security of data centers and protect the system from external threats and risks
  • With professional tools and high-quality maintenance personnel, improve the working efficiency and optimize the O&M costs of data centers.
  • Improve the management level of data centers through professional processes

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