Energy Managed Services

Development Trend

Along with increasing energy costs of operators worldwide, O&M management of energy infrastructure attracts extensive attention. Currently, O&M management of energy infrastructure, on the one hand, is developing toward professionalization to meet customers’ demands for delicacy management. On the other hand, new business models are used to converge O&M and renovation services (including transformation, optimization, and upgrade), and to manage and verify the achievement of energy efficiency. On the whole, operators hope that energy O&M managed services provide not only professional management services, but also delicacy management of energy consumption, which can be used as an implantation, verification, and control platform of customers’ various energy-saving optimization services.

Challenges to Customers

Currently, customers face the following challenges in the energy infrastructure O&M management:

  • Energy consumption of the existing network is not clear. Site O&M costs cannot effectively controlled.
  • The capability structure of energy O&M management personnel is not established yet. The energy O&M system is not built up. Effects of various energy-saving optimization services are not clear. Customers do not know how to verify, control, and select services.


ZTE’s Solution

Based on years of research on network energy, the ZTE Energy Managed Service can not only provide professional O&M services for single equipment, but also provide comprehensive network energy management solutions:


  • ZTE energy managed services provide professional managed services of energy infrastructure for customers.
  • ZTE energy managed services provide visualization management for customers, and provide support of flexible business model application for customers.
  • ZTE energy managed services provide effective support of energy optimization and energy-saving upgrades for customers’ energy networks, and even the service of convergent hybrid power transformation.


Customer Benefits

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