IT Managed Services

Development Trend

Enterprises are developing quickly and their services become increasingly complicated. As a result, the IT systems of the enterprises become overlapped and inefficient. To focus on the core business, many enterprises outsource the Operation and Maintenance (O&M). According to the report of Gartner, the global market scale of IT O&M services exceeded 82.9 billion US dollars in 2012, and it was expected to increase by 2.5% annually. 

Challenges to Customers

Customers are faced with challenges in terms of management and costs. Management and costs are closely related to each other. On one hand, management influences costs and improvement of management can lower the costs while indirectly increasing the revenue. On the other hand, costs restrict management. Enterprises hope to maximize their profits with the minimum investment.

ZTE’s Solution

To help the customers to deal with the challenges above, ZTE provides the IT O&M management service. Focusing on establishing the O&M center, installing the IT monitoring and flow management system, and deploying O&M team, ZTE is committed to working out a reasonable O&M process and providing highly efficient services. The O&M management service includes three modules: O&M interface, Daily O&M, and O&M enhancement. The general view of the service is as follows:

>>The O&M center is the location of help desk as well as the platform bearing the O&M management service. It bears the O&M IT system and supports the network monitoring and management functions. The IT system is operated by the O&M team and helps to deal with all kinds of  events.

>>The O&M management service acquires information from the help desk or through network monitoring. The system supports the automatic centralized monitoring of the network. If a problem occurs, it can be discovered in time. Furthermore, problems can also be reported to the help desk through telephone or email. The submitted requests will be reported to the team of daily O&M or O&M enhancement for problem-solving. Network monitoring is realized by ZTE NetNumen U36.

>>The daily O&M includes four modules, fault management, performance management, configuration management and security management, respectively corresponding to the network availability, efficiency, stability and security. 

>>The enhancement O&M , as a module supplementary to the daily O&M, includes the equipment information management, third party management and on duty service. With this module, customers can master the comprehensive information of the equipment, control the third-party service quality, and solve problems immediately encountered during the O&M. To increase the O&M efficiency and automate the O&M, the two modules above are implemented through the ZTE NetNumen eFLOW.


  • Powerful delivery capability and rich support resources
  • Outstanding project management teams
  • Multiple senior consultation managers and IT architects, over 500 IT technical experts, and a wide IT product range
  • Powerful capability of resource integration and partnership with more than 100 mainstream IT manufacturers
  • Mature management process and real-time monitoring tools
  • Certified by ISO20000 and ISO9001, and globally-leading in the management quality and capability
  • Service management process based on ITIL to standardize the service implementation and ensure the high efficiency of the system
  • Monitoring the network through the ZTE NetNumen U36 to discover potential risks in time
  • Global unified platform and highly efficient O&M tools
  • Global sharing of the service support platform and resources to provide highly efficient project operation and reduce customers’ costs
  • Using the end-to-end ZTE NetNumen E-Flow to increase the O&M efficiency and reduce the service costs

Customer Benefits

  • Discover and solve the faults in time, and ensure the operational stability of the system
  • Improve the working efficiency and reduce the O&M costs
  • Improve the customer satisfaction and increase long-term revenues

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