Network Managed Services

Development Trend

The rapid development of communication technology and the fast growth of network traffic bring operators not only market opportunities but also unprecedented pressures and challenges. In addressing a complex competitive environment, operators’ demands for transformation become more urgent. In order to better adapt to new requirements, operators deliver tasks related to network maintenance to external companies to more focus on end users, marketing, sales, and brand building. Managed services have become a widespread demand for operators.

Challenges to Customers

With continuous development of new technologies and increasingly fierce market competition, operators are facing enormous internal and external pressures.

  • Complex network and business environments: On one hand, skill requirements are increasing. On the other hand, network expansion needs to maintain more equipment, which causes the shortage of employees.
  • Enormous financial pressure: With the surge of data services, investments in network construction are increased. However, ARPU is not significantly improved, which leads operators to become more urgent in cost control.
  • Fierce competition in the market: With increasingly fierce competition, operators need to focus on their core business, retain current customers, and continuously expand new business.


ZTE’s Solution

In order to adapt to the development trend of the telecommunications industry, as well as coordinate with operators’ O&M transformation, ZTE Managed Services can provide top-down, full-service, and whole-process managed services solutions, to fully support operators’ demands in the fields of business intelligence, customer perception, quality of services, and network performance, and strive to create maximum business value for customers.



  • NOC solutions: address management of complex networks and big data traffic for operators. 
  • SOC solutions: ensure QoS management and enable customers to have a good business experience.
  • BIC solutions: address Business innovation. Good business experience promotes the achievement of network value.



  • Diversified solutions: ZTE provides a variety of managed service solutions. In accordance with customers’ needs, solutions are designed to meet customers’ requirements of customization.
  • Solutions for many types of products: As the most comprehensive service provider of O&M service products, ZTE provides managed services solutions for CDMA, GSM, UMTS, FTTx, and GPON.
  • Implementation experience worldwide: As of the end of 2012, ZTE had totally signed more than 125 managed services contract all over the world. With extensive experience in delivery of managed services, ZTE designs the implementation process that satisfies the requirements of localization in accordance with customers’ funds, manpower, and network characteristics, and shares best global cases to reduce the occurrence of similar incidents.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduces OPEX and optimizes CAPEX.
  • Focuses on core business.
  • Improves network quality.
  • Accelerates the introduction and updates of new technologies.

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