Equipment Room Power Supply Security Estimate

Development Trend

The power system is the heart of a network system. With the rapid development of information technologies, carriers attach importance to operation and maintenance of power systems and environments in equipment rooms. With expansion of network scale, the frequency of power-related network failures is becoming higher and higher. The causes indicate that subjective and human factors impact on failure frequency, loss, and incidence. Based on such a situation, active estimate and protective measures are imperative.


Challenges to Customers

  • With the rapid development of communication services and information systems, and with expansion of network scale, power supply system capacity and structure complexity is increasing, and security and reliability requirements are becoming higher and higher. In recent years, there are a lot of power supply interruption failures that are caused by improper system design, construction, or maintenance. This affects secure operation of core networks.
  • Protective measures are required to improve security and reliability of power supply systems for communications and reduce failures.


ZTE's Solution

  Based on powerful comprehensive abilities, many-year integrative management experience of design, planning, installation and maintenance for overseas core equipment rooms, and present power supply system operation conditions and requirements of interior carriers, ZTE provides full comprehensive and professional solutions to security estimate of power supply systems in equipment rooms. The solutions start from equipment room security, resource configuration, and capacity expansion optimization, and involve 12 types of estimate items and about 100 sub-items, and cover each link of power supply systems in equipment rooms.


  • Senior personnel perform complete and professional detection for power supply systems in equipment rooms through professional instrumentation based on complete items.
  • The service estimates power supply systems, and locates and solves problems based on rich technologies and management experience gained in several decades.
  • The service provides sophisticated system rectification suggestions and optimization suggestions for energy conservation and emission reduction.


Customer Benefits

  • The service uses each power supply device as a unit to test and estimate the links and key factors that impact on reliable operation in terms of a complete system. In this way, the service ensures that systems are reliably and securely operating in optimal states.
  • ZTE modifies maintenance standards for equipment rooms, and provides professional emergency experts, complete protective measures and power system operation records.

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