Enterprise Information Mobility

Development Trend

Enterprise information mobility is an information mode that appears with the development of mobile communication and IT technology. In this mode, enterprise information is not restricted to "fixed" scenarios and can be "moved" to anywhere. Therefore, any authorized people can access resources inside an enterprise over the network by using intelligent devices anytime, anywhere.

Challenges to Customers

With the rapid development of intelligent terminals and the boom of mobile office, more and more enterprises recognize the value of deploying enterprise mobile applications. Enterprise information mobility has become the hottest topic in the ICT industry.  However, due to the complexity of enterprise applications and the diversity of mobile terminals, enterprise information mobility faces the following challenges:

  • Low efficiency of mobile application development
  • High costs of application deployment and release
  • Lack of unified management platform for mobile devices
  • Information security uncontrollability

ZTE’s Solution

  In its enterprise information mobility solution, ZTE Corporation provides not only a mobile application development platform, but also a comprehensive solution for deploying and integrating mobile applications, releasing enterprise application stores, and managing mobile platforms. Through this solution, ZTE Corporation helps customers quickly build a mobile enterprise information platform with high security, quality and  excellent user experience.

  The following figure shows the architecture of ZTE’s enterprise information mobility solution:

>>Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) provides Software Development Kits (SDKs) for developing mobile applications on multiple platforms, such as IOS, Android, and Windows. Besides, the applications once developed can operate on multiple platforms and are automatically adaptive.

>>Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) ensures security of mobile enterprise information from multiple aspects, such as equipment management, application management, contents management, email management, and network security and compliance.


  • Ability of the MEAP to integrate backend systems
  • Ability of the EMM to ensure full life-cycle management of mobile applications
  • Having more than ten-year experience in working with governments and enterprises, and having mature enterprise information solutions for industries, such as energy, transportation, and retailing 
  • Flexibly providing SaaS or On-Premise business mode for enterprise information mobility

Customer Benefits

  • Rapidly implementing the customized development and release of mobile enterprise applications and improving efficiency
  • Ensuring integrated management of mobile equipment, mobile applications, and mobile contents and cutting management costs
  • Ensuring security of enterprise information and improving employee's office experience

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