Energy Integration & Transformation

Development Trend

Energy is always a global concern. People in every walk of life start paying more and more attention to energy saving and emission reduction. As a leading role in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) industry, the telecommunications industry bears an inescapable responsibility for energy saving and emission reduction. Introducing new energy resources and efficient, energy-saving, and intelligent integration solutions has become an inevitable trend for the development of the industry.

Challenges to Customers

  • Low efficiency and large power consumption of existing network devices
  • Large oil consumption and high maintenance costs due to the use of diesel generators in power starved areas
  • Inability to control the operational status of devices in real time and high maintenance costs due to the large number of communication base stations
  • Necessity for energy saving and emission reduction

ZTE’s Solution

The intelligent energy integration & transformation service provided by ZTE Corporation designs the service flow and contents in accordance with the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. It is a sustainable network energy solution for reducing the Operating Expense (OPEX).Based on the network energy development stages and actual customer requirements, ZTE classifies the service into three modules, and provides closed-loop management of service flows in each module.

  • Power efficiency improvement
  • Optimization and transformation of power supply for base stations
  • Visual management and control of base station energy resources


  • Providing customized solutions based on the network conditions and customer requirements
  • Using existing devices as many as possible under the condition of ensuring network security to reduce the customer's Capital Expenditures (CAPEX)
  • Providing Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) mode to help customers with the upgrading and transformation

Customer Benefits

  • Increasing the power conversion efficiency up to 97%
  • Providing a secure and reliable power supply system for base stations through the power supply transformation
  • Reducing the oil consumption by 40%-100% through the new energy solution, storage solution, and power supply logical control solution
  • Reducing the maintenance costs of diesel generators by 50%-60% and increasing the life of the generators by 30%-50% by shortening the running time

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