Hubei Mobile's PMP Consulting Training Project



Hubei Mobile has increasing service volumes that do not bring increasing revenues. The operator is facing challenges from the OTT service. The traditional operational mode cannot adapt to hiking service volumes, diversified user experience, or frequently changing user requirements.


The solution draws on project operation experience of ZTE and leading international manufacturers of the ICT industry, simulates the operator's actual project scenarios, and provides practical tools and on-site training. It improves the project operation capabilities of the operator's first-line managers who are in charge of bulk sales and engineering construction.

Customer benefits:

Hubei Mobile's first-line managers have understood the necessity of management reform, and look positively at the operator's upcoming transformation. They have acquired a good knowledge of the management tools and technologies of some advanced international projects. Through hand-on training, they have grasped some project management tools.

Against the background of cut-throat full-service operation competition, China Mobile's main rivals are not just China Telecom and Chine Unicom any longer. The rise of Tencent and other OTT manufacturers poses a severe challenge to the existing 3G traffic volume operation strategy of China's telecommunication operators. With great public appeal, Apple's iPhone is also continuously fortifying its camp. China' telecommunication operators are facing the following challenges:

>>China Mobile's Countermeasures

To meet the challenges, Li Yue, China Mobile's general manager proposes the following strategies:

Flat organization, which is the core mechanism of management improvement, embodies the thoughts of modern project management.

In January 2013, after learning the training requirement, ZTE University undertook Hubei Mobile's team leader project management training that lasts for 16 periods. The training courses draw on ZTE's best practice in LTC and HPPD projects and Hubei Mobile's actual bulk sales and engineering project scenarios to help Hubei Mobile solve its problems.

The general idea of this project starts from Hubei Mobile's overall transformation strategy. This project includes the following closely linked steps: investigation and diagnosis → design and development → training and tutoring → after-training appraisal and follow-up improvement. The overall framework of this project is shown below:

Through systematic investigations and repeated communications and discussions with Hubei Mobile, ZTE University developed cases and on-site scenarios for the courses. The training also includes "action learning". Lecturers with multiple years of project management experience were assigned to give the lessons. The students high appraised the training. ZTE University also received orders from Jingzhou Mobile and other city-level companies for training dedicated to the bulk sales market and ICT project management.

ZTE has forged a strategic partnership with Hubei Mobile. ZTE University has provided Hubei Mobile with an overall capability promotion program including high executives' learning and discussions and first-line managers' training. The program gained high acknowledge from Hubei Mobile's executives.

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