ZXUN SSS – Supplementary Service Server

  • ZXUN SSS, located at the IMS network application layer, provides basic voice services, supplementary services, and multimedia services for subscribers.
    ●High integration: ZXUN SSS integrates multiple logic functional entities, including MMTEL AS, Centrex AS, SCC AS, IM-SSF, anchoring SCP and IP-SM-GW functions, which can be deployed together or separately.  
    ●Enriched services: ZXUN SSS provides point-to-point audio and video services, supplementary services, IP Centrex services, console, and other value-added services.
    ●Support capability exposure: ZXUN SSS allows the 3rd party APP platform to invoke audio and video capability of SSS through the capability exposure interface.
    ●Enriched virtualization features: ZXUN SSS supports automatic deployment, elasticity, failure self-heal, etc.

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