ZXUN CSCF - Call Session Control Function

  • ZTE CSCF, located at the IMS control layer, handles SIP signalings within the IMS network.
    ●IMS core node: ZTE CSCF provides network access control, network authentication, session control, service triggering, and QoS control functions.
    ●High integration: ZXUN CSCF supports multiple logic functional entities, including P-CSCF, I-CSCF, S-CSCF, BGCF and E-CSCF functions, which can be combined as any group: Integrate these logic functions in the same physical equipment entity, or deploy some entity independently.
    ●Access and interoperability capability: ZXUN CSCF supports various access modes, including narrowband access, broadband access, and 2/3/4G mobile access. ZXUN CSCF supports interworking between IMS networks and between IMS and PSTN/PLMN. 
    ●Enriched virtualization features: ZXUN CSCF supports automatic deployment, elasticity, failure self-heal, etc.

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