ZXUN B200 – Session Border Controller

  • ZTE Session Border Controller (SBC) product - ZXUN B200, located in the border of IMS core network, controls incoming and outgoing signaling streams and media streams.
    ●ZXUN B200 adopts signaling and media separation architecture. ZXUN B200 integrates P-CSCF, EATF, IWF, E-CSCF, ATCF and IBCF functions at the signaling plane and integrate IMS-AGW, ATGW, C-BGF and TrGW functions at the media plane. All the logical NEs can be deployed together or separately. ZXUN B200 also supports sharing the same blade and COTS hardware with other product.
    ●ZXUN B200 supports all the mainstream codecs (including G711, G723, G726, G729, AMR, AMR-WB, EVS, iLBC, etc); provides transcoding (TC) function based on software and hardware and supports high transcoding capacity in the case of multiple concurrent sessions. ZXUN B200 also supports seamless evolution to the cloud platform.
    ●Powerful security protection: ZXUN B200 provides network security functions including topology hiding, signaling firewall, blacklist/whitelist, security alarm, security log and protection against DoS, DDoS and deformed packet attacks. Meanwhile, ZXUN B200 implements full encryption for signalings, messages and media; support SIP over TLS, SIP over IPSEC, SRTP, MSRP over TLS, SRTP to RTP, MSRP over TLS to MSRP, etc.  ZXUN B200 meets the security requirements in various networking environments and provides omnidirectional protection for carriers’ secure operation.

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