NetNumenTM U31(CN) Unified OSS Platform

  • Overview

    NetNumenTM U31(CN)(hereinafterU31(CN))is established based on ZTE unified OSS platform, it realizes centralized management of each system (GSM/WCDMA/TD-SCDMA/CDMA/Wimax/IMS/LTE)core network equipment, including MSC,MSC Server,MGW,HLR,SGSN,GGSN,MSCe,PDSN,AGW,AAA,MGCF,MME,SAE-GW,CG etc.


    besides,CTS(Call Trace System), NetBAS(Network Business Analysis System) etc. products can also be managed by U31(CN). U31 (CN) provides failure, topology, performance, configuration, security, log, trace, assets, system management etc. U31 (CN) locates in EMS layer of TMN module, supports CORBA, SNMP, FILE, MML etc. northbound interfaces.



    Full network management realizes centralized maintenance

    ZTE NetNumenTM U31 (CN) system manages all core network products, including WCDMA/TD-CDMA/CDMA/IMS/EPC core network NE equipment; it also supports unified management of IT/IP equipment, including router, Ethernet switch, firewall, server etc.


    Intelligent O&M realizes automation

    In order to improve launch efficiency and propel automatic operation and maintenance, ZTE accomplishes one-key pre-installation, intelligent debugging, automatic routine check, one-key upgrading etc tools research and applications, which fully reduce network operation costs.


    Centralized signaling trace solution: locate problems based on end-to-end protocol trace tool, support CS, PS, HLR etc NE access, and multiple signaling trace and results presence modes.


    Open system structure and interface

    • Follow TMN series suggestions, RFC and 3GPP OSS standards made by ITU-T.
    • Adopt J2EE platform framework, which runs different hardware and operation system platforms; support Wintel and UNIX platform; support Windows, Solaris, MS-SQL Server, Oracle etc.
    • Provide CORBA,FTP,SNMP,SOAP etc northbound interfaces, which is convenient for accessing different operators’ OSS systems

    High reliability and multiple security guarantee mechanisms

    •  Provide local dual-machine +disk array disaster redundancy and remote geographic disaster redundancy solutions.
    • Provide perfect system security solution, including physical security, network security, system security, data security and application security etc.
    • Right and domain division: closely integrated with the operator’s O&M mechanism, flexible hierarchy of managed network scale, maintenance mode, operator suggestions etc.

    Multiple maintenance access modes guarantee network management at any time

    • Provide GUI, Web and CLI access modes according to function features and actual application scenarios, customers select the mode according to application scenario, using habit, networking requirement and bandwidth limitation.
    • Support GUI remote access in GCT (Graphics Communications Terminal) mode, remote users enjoys GUI in a direct and friendly way under configuration and low network bandwidth condition.
    • Provide single-point login by centralized and automatic password management.


    ZTE NetNumen™ U31 (CN) has already provided centralized and intelligent network operation and maintenance solution for 500 mobile networks of millions of operators, which solves different launching and O&M problems, fully reduces network operation cost, improve O&M efficiency and network quality.

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