• ZXUN USPP (Universal Subscriber Profile Platform) provides a perfect UDC/SDM Solution which realizes centralized management of the subscriber data, data portal and provides open interfaces.
    ZXUN USPP supports legacy carrier-class ZTE ATCA deployment and various virtualization deployment solutions to meet with flexible deployment requirements from carriers and government/enterprise customers.
    ZXUN USPP solution helps carriers and government/enterprise customer to save more TCO (CAPEX and OPEX) and promote service innovation.
    In order to further reduce TCO and accelerate new service innovation/deployment, operators have urgent requirements on equipment and network virtualization, ZXUN USPP system supports universal computing COTS server, universal storage equipment, switch equipment and virtualization platform deployed and running in the data center.
    Virtualized USPP (vUSPP) supports the following NFV features:
    ●Software & hardware decoupling deployment.
    ●vUSPP supports full life circle management
    ●vUSPP supports flexible scale-in/out
    ●vUSPP supports VM migration and self-heal.
    ●vUSPP supports smooth evolution

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