• 1.Product Introduction

    ZTE 4K set-top box is an embedded video and audio decoding device based on the open Android platform, providing excellent operating experience for the users. The hardware adopts the advanced ARM architecture and is equipped with a powerful CPU processing chipset. The series of 4K set-top boxes, which support IPTV + OTT dual-mode business, support H.265 video hardware decoding, provide enhanced audio and video playback, and provide users with functions including but not limited as home entertainment, video communication, multi-screen interaction, home cloud, family album, and TV assistant. The STBs are evolving to the home media center continuously.  

    2.Product Highlights

    1)     Advanced decoding capability, lower bandwidth and storage requirements

    2)     Ultra-high resolution, the screen is more realistic

    3)     Stronger performance, running smoother

    4)     Complete series, rich interface to meet the needs of different levels of users

    3.Customer Benefits

    1)     Reasonable hardware configuration to create best products in the industry

    2)     Rich operation capacity, help operators to differentiate competition

    3)     Ultimate user experience, increase end-user loyalty

    4)     Improve the management of operation and maintenance, improve the operator's operational capacity

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