ZTE Android TV STB

  • 1.Product Introduction

    Cooperating with Google, ZTE introduced Android TV STB in 2016. Android TV STB brings dual ecosystems for the operators to get more profit. At the same time, it brings abundant content and services for the end users and significantly increases the user experience. In TV Connect 2017, the STB won the “Best Consumer Device” award for its innovation in the TV industry.

    2.Product Highlights

    1)     The original Google ecosystem has built in abundant content and services including but not limited to Google Movie, Google Music, Google Play Store, YouTube, Chrome Cast, and Google Voice Searching Engine

    2)     The Android TV STB has the ability to integrate operators’ IPTV or OTT ecosystem to provide the traditional TV, VOD, TVOD or other value-added services. These two ecosystems complement each other and can be switched in a convenient way

    3.Customer Benefits

    1)     The precious content such as YouTube becomes one of the most popular video resources for the subscribers all over the world. Hence, how to integrate these contents becomes a problem for operators. ZTE introduces Android TV STB to solve this problem and provide ultimate video experience for the end users

    2)     The functions such as unified search, unified recommendation, voice search can integrate the customer original IPTV/OTT ecosystem and Android TV ecosystem perfectly

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