ZTE iCDN Introduction

  • 1.Product Introduction
    CDN stands for Content Delivery Network, which is a virtual network based on the IP network and consisting of node servers distributed in different regions. It can dispatch contents on the network to the node near users efficiently and stably, and redirect user requests to the optimal node in real time according to network traffic, node connection status and load, and distance from users.
    The integrated CDN means that the CDN supports integrated capabilities such as video service, page and file acceleration, and value-added service, as well as multi-network capability. 

    Figure 1 ZTE iCDN Hierarchy Structure

    2.Product Highlights and Customer Benefits
    ZTE integrated CDN can integrate bearer network’s tiered transmission capability and provide the differentiated content distribution service to ensure user experience. Through reasonable planning, the integrated CDN can reduce integrated network construction cost, increase revenue, and facilitate further development of data service. 
    ●Full-capability service – video acceleration, large/small file acceleration, capability leasing, and value-added services: One system provides video service and large/small file acceleration service, and extends to the Internet-based industries to increase network pipe value. 
    ●Full-network service — extending to home and 4G mobile boundary network based on multi-layer network: The CDN is deployed at different layers based on the operator’s network, and gradually integrates the current stovepipe CDN&Cache nodes and expends to mobile boundary network. It supports deploying edge nodes at the RAN side and in homes to provide the full network service. 
    ●Full-operation service — operation/security teams and network perception + big data analysis creating core competitiveness: The CDN and network have user and service perception + big data analysis capabilities, based on which the operation team can realize refined operation according to market requirements, provide personalized service, and ensure user satisfaction to create conditions for future operation transformation. 

    3.Future evolution
    ●The integrated CDN supports virtualization and evolves to cloudification. 
    ●Capability openness: The CDN can be leased by node, bandwidth, traffic, or storage. Multiple choices allow CDN leasing in different scenarios.

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