Unified Management Platform

  • As a multi-DC cloud management platform, the TECS Director provides unified planning and management of global resources across DCs that are located in different geographical locations and separates the use of resources. To facilitate service rapid definition and deployment, TECS Director constructs standard IT products and services and provides them to the system tenants through the portal by template services. To facilitate easy maintenance, TECS Director provides functions such as multi-dimensional topology view and system health monitoring. 
    Highlights of TECS Director:
    1.Unified Management: fusion of the entire network resources, coexistence of heterogeneous resource pools and the integration of private cloud and public cloud.
    2.Intelligent O&M: unified visual management of overall resources, automatic deployment, and intelligent health monitoring and proactive optimization.
    3.Service-oriented: rapid customization and continuous delivery of resource services, cost analysis and resource optimization based on AI.

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