ZXMW NR8961 Outdoor Microwave Radio

  • ZXMW NR8961 is an IP-based all outdoor microwave radio, which widely used for 3G, 4G LTE and even 5G IP backhaul network with the highlight of zero-footprint. NR8961 system includes Outdoor Baseband Unit (OBU) and universal Outdoor RF Unit (ODU). OBU and ODU work coordinately in various scenarios.
  • The transmission capacity of NR8961 can reach up to 5 Gbps based on the industry leading techniques, such as 112MHz bandwidth, 4096QAM modulation scheme and MIMO. It also supports built-in Wi-Fi module, IP routing, MPLS and 10GE interface; hardware is prepared for SDN.

    1. High-Quality Network

    High Throughput
    High modulation scheme (QPSK to 4096QAM)
    Broad bandwidth (7 to 112MHz)
    Up to 5 Gbps throughputs supported
    4x4 MIMO, achieves 4 channels with 1 frequency pair
    Multi-band, over 10Gbps throughputs with ZTE’s Eband radio
    High Availability
    20KA lightning protection, no need external arrester
    IP66 ingress protection
    Smooth Upgrading
    Support L3 Routing
    Support MPLS
    Support SDN

    2. Easier Maintenance

    Integrated Wi-Fi module for access management via smart terminals
    Intelligent license control, flexible distribution and easy reusing
    Frequency auto-scanning, locate interference source quickly

    3. Low TCO 

    All outdoor design supports zero-footprint installation
    Split architecture and rich interfaces’ design is flexible for different configuration
    Diversified synchronization solution, including Sync. E and 1588v2, reduce GPS investment

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