• NR8950 is an all IP based microwave transmission system with zero footprint and high efficiency for 2G/3G/LTE backhaul network. It supports the configurable modulation range from QPSK to 2048 QAM and the single carrier transmission capacity up to 660 Mbps.
  • Product Description

    Combining with split-type products - NR8250/NR8120/ NR8150, NR8950 can be widely used in terminal site, repeater site and aggregation site to meet complex network requirements.

    Product Highlights

          High Throughput

    High modulation scheme(2048QAM), 660 Mbps per carrier

    XPIC with header compression, increase more than 2 times throughput

    Packet-level PLA, allocate services dynamically among multi-channel to increase spectrum usage


          High Reliability

    ACM, insure transmission continuity and increase spectrum usage

    Packet intelligent segment (PIS) and HQoS, avoid big latency and jitter of high priority services

    Full Scale Protection (HSB, SD, FD, MSP, RSTP, MSTP, ERPS, ELPS, board redundancy)


          High Security

    Radio encryption, prevent malicious linking

    SNMP V3/SSH/HTTPS/SFTP, guarantee communication channels security

    3-Level authorization management, forbid & trace illegal users 

    Easy Maintenance

    Intelligent license control, flexible distribution and easy reusing

    Micro SD card, all the configuration and license can be immigrated whenever failure occurs.

    Frequency auto-scanning, locate interference source quickly

    Low TCO

    All outdoor design with Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, reduce cable deployment expense and period

    Diversified synchronization solution, including Sync E and 1588v2, reduce GPS investment

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