Elastic ZENIC WAN Controller

  • Centralized Control and Flexible Transport

    SDN is a kind of open and programmable network architecture with forwarding & control separation, centralized management & control. Now it has become a mainstream trend in Data Center Network (DCN) development.

    The ZENIC WAN controller focuses on SDN requirements of IP/MPLS WAN and is used to build elastic IP/WAN networks to implement centralized control, service provisioning and traffic optimization for IP/WAN networks. It provides user-oriented IP/WAN SDN evolution solutions. Based on standard hierarchical and componentized design, the ZENIC WAN controller interworks with the devices from different vendors via various standard southbound interfaces and provides the APPs that meet user requirements for multiple application scenarios via northbound RESTCONF and NETCONF interfaces, achieving centralized network control, traffic optimization, fast deployment and service innovation.

    Service Features

    Network path optimization and traffic tuning

    • It supports stateful PCE, which can compute the optimal path based on all-network resources. It also supports manual planning of paths and traffic collection & tuning. Therefore, it can optimize all-network traffic according to user policies to maximize customer values.

    Supporting rich southbound interfaces and smooth evolution from existing networks to SDN

    • It supports various southbound interfaces, including SNMP, BGP-LS, PCEP and NETCONF interfaces to achieve interworking with existing network devices and centralized control.

    Diversified service support scenarios

    • It can be used at access, aggregation and core layers of an operator network. It supports private line services, L2VPN/L3VPN functions, and CloudVPN and DCI network scenarios for E2E service provisioning.

    IP + optical synergy

    • It enables IP and optical devices to be visible to each other. Based on such features as open SDN, flattened IP network, hierarchical OTN and optical-layer grid, it builds elastic, low-cost and high-performance IP + optical bearer networks to solve the unpredictability caused by complicated and varied traffic of cloud services and substantially cut CAPEX.

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