ZXR10 V6000 vMSR Virtual Multi-Service Router

  • ZTE ZXR10 V6000 vMSR based on the NFV technology provides enterprises with flexible, reliable and intelligent network access services in cloud scenarios. It not only helps enterprises to access cloud resources at low cost easily, but also provides complete cloudified enterprise services.
  • A lightweight system to carry traditional features

    • The separated control/user architecture provides single VM and dual VM transport modes, so customers can make flexible choices as per their specific demands.  When the control plane is designed with 1:1 redundancy, the forwarding plane can be 1+1/1:1 redundant backup to make sure a highly reliable system is provided.
    • Based on ETSI NFV standard architecture, the device can run either on the ZTE TECS cloud operating system platform, or on any third party’s VMware and KVM virtual platforms. It helps the operators to make decoupled three-tier architecture come true.
    • The ZXR10 V6000 vMSR employs the next generation Routing Operating System (ROSng), a ZTE’ s self-developed mature, efficient and reliable software system  also used by ZTE’s hardware routers, to provide the same services and management features with the hardware routers.
    • In addition to the forwarding architecture of the virtualized super server processor (vSSP), the ZXR10 V6000 vMSR also virtualizes the line card high-performance transponders of the hardware-based router to software-based analogues. Thus, the device inherits all the service capabilities of traditional routers especially the ability to forward complicated overlapping services in X86 environments. 

    Complete service functions and reliability guarantee

    • The ZXR10 V6000 vMSR provides the same service functions with the traditional routers, for example, unicast/multicast route, MPLS, integrated VPN technologies, QoS and IPSec.
    • It provides comprehensive CGN features, supports CGN redundant protection and guarantees the development and reliability of private networks’ IPv4 services.
    • By supporting massive powerful technologies such as BFD, VRRP, ECMP, link binding and FRR, it is able to implement fast failure recovery and provide service-level reliability guarantee. 

    Cloudified networks plus more flexible and faster service deployment

    • By supporting OpenFlow/ NetConf/ VxLAN protocols and providing northbound interfaces to cooperate with the controllers and orchestrators, the ZXR10 V6000 vMSR allows unified service orchestration and collaborative control of end-to-end network resources.
    • On-touch upload and installation plus intelligent maintenance and management greatly make service provisioning much faster.
    • Graphic network management designed with intelligent configuration management and statistics of services and network elements enables clearer the network resources and visible service quality. Therefore, easier troubleshooting and more efficient operation and management (O&M) can be implemented. 

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