ZXR10 M6000 Multi-Service Router

  • Comprehensive, Intelligent and Flexible

    The ZXR10 M6000 high-end router is a large-capacity, high-performance and broadband multi-service gateway specially designed by ZTE to welcome the coming era of Integration of Three Networks, Mobile Internet, IPv6, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing. It is the first choice for the construction of backbone networks, MANs, Internet Data Centers (IDCs) and campus networks.

    As a large-capacity and high-performance router, the ZXR10 M6000 has two models: 16 service slots and 8 service slots. With the best product quality, it provides customers with excellent value-added service networks.



    Integrated functions, excellent quality

    • The ZXR10 M6000 supports multiple interfaces such as E1, ATM, 155M-40G POS and FE-100GE. It adopts the flexible structure with a main card and multiple subcards. The main card supports a hybrid insertion of different interface subcards, thus reducing the cost of spare parts. The flexible subcard configuration enables the system to provide abundant WAN and LAN interfaces within a limited area. This realizes a more flexible networking scheme, provides customers with a low-cost and customized network solution and meets the network demand on diversification.
    • Following the tendency of network integration and evolution, the ZXR10 M6000 helps realize low-cost and high-quality network deployment as well as a large-capacity and high-performance SR+BRAS integrated platform. It makes the network flattened, simplifies the network architecture, reduces the costs of network construction and O&M, and meets the demands of Internet of Things, Mobile Internet and Cloud Computing on efficient network bearing.

    Powerful stability, optimal choice

    • As a core member of the ZTE router family, the ZXR10 M6000 adopts the industry-leading distributed parallel CPU and the Cross-Bar space division switching architecture. It supports 100G BMSG, extension up to 400G and 256,000 concurrent users, welcoming the coming era of ultra-broadband networks.
    • The ZXR10 M6000 adopts modular, fully-distributed and highly-reliable software and hardware systems. The system kernel is separated from service modules and these service modules are independent from each other, ensuring highly-reliable operation of the system kernel and flexible loading of service modules.

    Efficient video functions, great opportunities

    • The ZXR10 M6000 uniquely supports IPTV broadcast control, Fast Channel Change (FCC) + a built-in video card, IPoE of Session level and multicast hot standby, helping realize video service bearing that is more secure, efficient, accurate and reliable, and improve profit margins of customers.
    • The ZXR10 M6000 has a built-in service identification module that can accurately distinguish user levels and service types, and provides five-level H-QoS to meet diversified service demands. These help customers to realize fine service operation.

    Dual stacks, smooth evolution

    • Focusing on the urgent demands of domestic and international customers on the evolution to IPv6, the ZXR10 M6000 looks far ahead and helps customers build a unified IPv6 service platform for smooth network evolution. It provides multiple solutions such as IPv4 or IPv6 dual stacks, NAT444, DS-LITE, 6RD, NAT64+DNS64, IVI and Smart6, which enable users to choose the best IPv6 transition mechanism.

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