ZXCTN 9000-E Carrier-class Multi-service Packet Platform

  • The ZXCTN 9000-E inherits the advantages of packet transport technologies. It adopts a packet switching kernel and integrates multiple functions such as multi-service interface, synchronous clock, OAM and protection. All of these enable it to process and transmit Ethernet, TDM and MPLS data.

    The ZXCTN 9000-E is a large-capacity and high-performance multi-service packet transport platform specially designed by ZTE to welcome the coming era of Integration of Three Networks, Mobile Internet, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing. It is the first choice for the construction of integrated multi-service bearer networks in various industries.


    High-speed and stable software and hardware platforms, playing a leading part in 4G era

    l  Adopts the 400G Ready hardware architecture and supports 100GE line speed and high-density 10G interface, meeting the demands of IPTV, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Mobile Internet on high bandwidth.

    l  Supports multiple interfaces such as E1, 155M~10G POS and FE~100GE. Provides abundant WAN and LAN. This realizes a more flexible networking scheme, provides customers with a low-cost and customized network solution and meets the network demand on diversification.

    l  Supports comprehensive protection functions, including equipment-level protection, network-level protection and network edge-level protection. The equipment-level protection provides 1+1 hot standby for key boards such as clock board, power board and main control board. It supports hot swap and improves the capabilities of disaster recovery and fault troubleshooting. The network-level protection provides layered and segmented link protection. It supports ring network protection oriented to links and VRRP, providing multiple choices for complex full-service application scenarios and guaranteeing 50 ms fast switching. The network edge-level protection provides multiple protection functions such as LAG protection and IMA protection. Such end-to-end protection mechanism covering all points and links ensures reliable service access.

    Unified multi-service bearer platform, meeting the demands of full-service development

    l  Adopts full-packet architecture and the PWE3 simulation technology to be compatible with traditional narrow-band services. It supports various tunnel technologies, meeting the demands of full-service development and reducing network TCO.

    l  Inherits the advantages of ITU-T G.8261 and IEEE 1588 V2 to put forward the leading "Clock SyncE" solution. It supports accurate insertion and extraction of time stamps through the IEEE 1588 protocol, accelerating the convergence time and improving the accuracy of time synchronization.

    Practicable/Maintainable/Supervisory intelligent service features

    l  Supports end-to-end QoS management, meeting the demands of different services on delay, jitter and bandwidth. Delicate to realize multi-service bandwidth control of the user level as well the SLA of service accesses, and provide support to fine service dispatching.

    l  Adopts hardware-based layered supervision and supports fast fault detection and location, performance monitoring, end-to-end service management, continuous and demanded OAM, guaranteeing the QoS of packet transport services. It provides layered OAM with various granularities such as physical port, logical link, tunnel and pseudo wire, making network OAM more transparent and simple.

    l  Adopts a unified EMS called NetNumen U31 for end-to-end route creation and management, DCN automatic deployment, and plug and play with zero configurations. The EMS provides powerful QoS and OAM functions as well as real-time alarming and performance monitoring functions, making the packet network easy to maintain.

    Elastic SDN infrastructure with infinite evolution

    l  Takes full participation in all aspects of SDN technology policy’s evolution with support of OPENFLOW / NETCONF protocol to provide a programmable cloud network.

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