Product Highlights

  • As a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, ZTE plays an important role in the international telecoms industry. ZTE’s CPE are positioned for a variety of scenarios by providing green, high-reliability and individual customized solution to operators.

    Eco-friendly design to reduce environmental footprint
    oGreen: Fanless design, noise-free, natural cooling, and power saving mode 
    oEnergy & space saving: Single-chip SoC design to achieve a smaller size and lower power consumption 
    oProlonged lifetime: Easy to upgrade and repair 
    oRecycling: Compliance with RoHS and WEEE environmental standards

    Exquisite design to win over users
    oExquisite appearances perfectly fit the style of modern homes. 
    oDesktop & wall-mounted installation
    oFiber concealing and fiber coiling

    Zero-touch management to lower OPEX
    oZero-touch service provisioning, ONU Plug and Play. 
    oIntelligent tools make O&M easy. 
    oEnd-to-end all-around service assurance.

    All-around customization to meet personalized requirements
    oHardware: specific chipsets.
    oSoftware: software functions and factory settings.
    oCasing: personalized casing design.
    oPackaging: logo, sticker, accessories (power adapter, nameplate, cable), package box, user manual, CD, etc.

    A wide range of products to accommodate different scenarios
    A wide variety of interfaces provide subscribers with voice, video, data and other services, allowing customers to use diversified, personalized services in a convenient, secure and efficient way.

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