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1. Our Vision and Mission 

Corporate Vision:To become a distinguished global leader in the M-ICT era. 

Corporate Mission:We will spare no effort in providing cool, green, and open ICT products and experiences to the people of this world. To our partners who share in this vision, we will establish a safe, open, and reciprocal platform to help them achieve their goals and realize their excellence. 

2. Our Brand Tagline 

Tomorrow Never Waits 

This is the era of IOE (Internet of Everything). Brands will be eliminated if they do not keep up with the current pace of changes. Thus, in order to have quick access to the new era, ZTE has to keep changing and constantly adjust the pace and direction we move towards. 

3. Our Logo 



In the IOE (Internet of Everything) era, the world is changing very quickly. The number of netizens is increasing at a high rate of speed during the past ten years. At a time like this, ZTE has to not only change to keep up but also lead this new era. 

The new logo design inherited the CGO concepts that ZTE advocates. To better echo the characteristics of the new era, we use rounder shapes when designing the letters to make the work more exquisite. This conveys the feeling that ZTE will perfectly design the coolest products for its customers and consumers. We use the light blue color to make the logo youthful and lively. We also changed the previously sharp and orthodox design to emphasize the new characteristics of the Internet era — more harmonious, integrating, flexible and interactive. We also put the concept of "open” in the design — the flowing shape suggests the free flow of information and the continuous expansion of the imagination. This tells viewers that ZTE is a brand that breaks conventions and integrates different industries and cultures in its blood. It opens up endless possibilities for this era and enables its customers and consumers to touch real freedom.


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