Statement of ZTE Cyber Security

2013 was an unusual year in terms of cyber security. Many international security incidents aroused great attention from countries, organizations and individuals. The information and communication technologies are no doubt an efficient driver of the global digital economy. However, while bringing great convenience to our work and life, they also pose challenges to cyber security. For example, when the whole world is expecting the convenience brought by the smart city and big data age, the dark clouds of information security, cyber crimes and cyber terrorism are approaching. The worries about the security of network information are rapidly spreading among customers, industries and the public, and a crisis of confidence is brewing between different interest groups. There are so many challenges that it is too late for us to form new rational habits. It is likely that we, driven by our old habits, act in a selfish preservation manner to avoid the challenges.

As an influential player in the ICT industry, ZTE Corporation has a profound understanding of its responsibilities in the industrial ecology and public security, and is willing to undertake these responsibilities. We believe that as long as the whole industry and society actively cope with the challenges together, the world’s digital ecology will develop in a healthy and sustainable manner and society will not be trapped in the fear of cyber security issues or cease the pace of civilization.

The ZTE Cyber Security Committee established a comprehensive product security system that covers the entire lifecycle of each product and strictly complies with ISO 27001, ISO 15408, and ITU.T X.805.

To ensure the security of products and solutions provided for customers in all industries, we continuously optimize the product security management system, focus on customer needs, and improve the product security system that covers areas in the entire product lifecycle, including Research & Development, supply chain, manufacturing, verification, delivery, and incident management.

As an independent internal security evaluation organization, the ZTE Cyber Security Laboratory is equipped with the world's leading tools for identifying known and unknown vulnerabilities, and helps to verify that our products meet the security standards, baselines and criteria from the customers' point of view.

We have set up a strict authentication mechanism and a personnel management flow for important parts in daily operations, ensuring that the customer information is traceable and properly used. We are actively building up a service continuity management and emergency mechanism together with our customers.

We stick to universal business ethics and commit that our products and operation capabilities do not serve any specific political purposes, ensuring public security.

We are open-minded and willing to participate in the formulation of international standards and communicate with international counterparts.
We will continuously develop the security awareness and responsibility of our employees because highly qualified citizens are the most essential factor in securing cyber security and social stability.

In the future, we will expand cyber security construction into more fields by deepening cooperation with governments, carriers, suppliers, organizations and communities, repay our customers with more benefits, and contribute to the construction and maintenance of a better cyber security order.

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